Saturday, December 17, 2011

Home Made Christmas Ornaments

Every year I throw an ornament exchange party and as a party favor give my guests a home-made ornament.  I can't say that every year it is a success, but sometimes the ornaments turn out great.  This was one of those years.  These were super easy but seriously time consuming.  The original idea came from here which I of course found on Pinterest

 The original directions said to use 4" balls, because I was making so many, I went with 1.5" balls.  Because the balls were so much smaller, I couldn't add the extra bow at the top.


  • 1.5" styrofoam balls
  • Cardstock
  • Pearl head pins
  • Ribbon: 1/4" 

 I ended up emptying out all the local craft stores of these guys and had to make an emergency online order, but could only find red ones, not pearlized ones, they were still cute.

 Forget about the 1/2 inch ribbon in this picture, I took this picture when I thought I could still do the bow.
 Punch a lot of daisies.....Ended up going through two whole punches.

 Double up on the daisies and position the two to have more petals, place on the styrofoam ball and anchor with the pin.
 Take your ribbon, cut and loop (I used a velvety ribbon, because I liked it, not for any other needed reason)
 Anchor ribbon to ball with a pin and a daisy.
 Then just start pinning daisies all of the ball until completely covered.
et viola.  I made about 30, thankfully a couple people who RSVP'd didn't make it and my mother-in-law doesn't do a tree because I had just enough.  I need to make a couple more this week for Christmas Eve (and for myself).  It was the easiest ornament I have ever made, but amazingly time consuming.  It took about 1/2 an hour for each one. And...I may have a touch of carpel tunnel from the whole punch.

Still worth it

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Jen Lossing, Artistic Abode Designs said...

These are very cute. They would look great for a wedding too. Nice job!