Friday, November 10, 2006

Domestic Help

I emailed friend to find out this weeks Blog Challenge. She emailed back that there wasn't one this week, so I email back offering to do one. Now this was an EMPTY offer because I assumed she had one in her very clever mind to offer me and Colleen, but NOOO she says, absolutely! Yikes. That's what you get for offering, someone may take you up oni it. So here it is: As I sat here thinking, "I have no time to do this or anything else" because I have to clean, get some invitations out for a party I'm giving later and yes, start my holiday baking, I wondered if, given the chance, and could only choose one type of domestic help, would it be a housecleaner, cook, errand boy, what would I pick? What would you pick and why? (errand boy could be pretty buff and a masseuse, but that may be another blog topic)

I'm torn, only ONE, what was I thinking I need a TEAM. As you can see by my study/guest room a personal organizer would be at hand. The sad thing is I'm actually good at organizing, I just don't do it, or can't for myself. The Container store is my favorite place in which to drool. I just get STUCK trying to figure out the PERFECT system (notice the various filing boxes in the corner...thrown there because I decided baskets and horizontal boxes where more my thing).

But then there's the whole house thing of getting things done...also able to be seen here is the unfinished wall. My plan is to put some bead board paneling up, but have yet to do it (two and half years later). So my other choice would be handyman.

Housekeeper would be a fantastic thing, but right now in my life I just need to get to a place where a cleaning person (gosh how PC of me) wouldn't run screaming from my house. Really, how do I get organized if the rooms in my house aren't even finished enough TO ORGANIZE, so I guess I'd have to go with handyman....perferably of the dark haired sultry eyed awesome rear variety (oh that would be my hubby, but he's working all the time).

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Anonymous said...

i'd hire a cook who would make things I could eat and lots of leftovers to freeze. or someone to tell me which things i can just throw away.

i love it when people show me that they, too, have piles that are not yet gorgeously arranged! the room with the half- paint looks like a good work- in- progress shot.

yes i have a friend who even offered to come help me organize (she's good at organizing other peoples' things too...) and it's hard to coordinate her schedule with times my room is decent.