Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Love my neighborhood mommies!

I just got a call from Ms. Martha, and by the conciliatory tone of her voice, I knew she had just read my blog. Wonderful mommy that she is, she offered to take Abi (the little girl I sometimes care for) to school so that I wouldn't have to take Zac out into the cold. And I said 'YES' ---for those who know me well, that was not easily done, I have a bit of a I can-do-it-all mentality that makes it very difficult to accept help. So yay, I live in a great neighborhood, with wonderful people who are very helpful and yay, one of my many life 'issues' just became easier to deal with! Oh and a thank you to Colleen for watching the kiddos today after school so I can get things done!

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Martha said...

You know, you are still a "do it all myself Mom". Just today, you opted to accept an offer to outsource. Giving/Receiving: it is all feel good stuff!