Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lone Liberal

One thing about living in the suburbs is that there aren't many liberals around, and as a side note, when did 'bleeding heart' become a bad word? And how is caring about the poor and forgotten, 'not Christian' So I feel like this very small minority of a suburbanite Christian liberal (scl) there are a few of us over here, we meet occasionally speak quietly of issues, it's nice to find a like mind or two out here in the sea of republican always right people....who have NO PROBLEM telling me I'm wrong...hubby, although one of THEM, has yet to tell me I'm wrong, well in so many words. However, when asked he does say, 'yes I'm a republican and my wife is just wrong'. We have other mixed marriage friends and it does work out. Another funny mixed marriage note; on our trip to Spain, Gina said something that perked my ears, she referred to both her and my brother being Democrats...My Brother???? so I asked her if he was (and you'd have to hear both he and my step-father talk to understand why I was so surprised) and she said, 'yeah, he's a democrat, he just doesn't know it' hahahha, score one for Gina, hope she can get him to come out of the political closet too. Almost 15 years in our marriage and still hasn't happened (love him dearly none the less).
So today hubby and I are going to go to the polls and cancel each other out. But we're both still voting!


Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures! Seems like you have good practice with the red 'n blue partnerships. I felt glad to vote today too.

Lisaopolis said...

Liberals for Jesus! Props!