Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jason's so funny sometimes

Let me share:
As some of you know, Jason and I sit on the opposite side of the political fence....which is funny because on most issues we agree, I think we just can't agree on how to get there....anyhow, we were having dinner and were talking about church and politics and how I pretty much keep my mouth shut when we're at church because my political leanings are very much in the minority at the church we attend. Then I said to Jason, "I can tell that I must be doing pretty well keeping my opinions to myself (well at church, not so much here on MY blog) because most people at church assume I'm Republican"

here's where it gets funny:
Jason: Well you look like a Republican?
Me: Uh, I do? How?
Jason: Beautiful and intelligent.

bwahahahaha, made me laugh as much as when he introduced us to other Republicans as "I'm Republican and my wife is just wrong"

It's a good thing I'm a Democrat with a sense of good ol' fashioned self-depreciating humor.


terri said...

He IS a funny guy! LOL! You could remind him that "beauty" isn't going to save this country. A single party can't save this country. We're screwed no matter who ends up in the White House.

I'm just full of sunshine and rainbows, aren't I?

OHN said...

I think a little exlax brownies would be fair payback :)

(I have to keep my mouth shut at work because I am the ONLY one who is voting for the right candidate:)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Politics. A dangerous subject in regard to relationships. You and Jason have my admiration for being able to have differences in such a signifcant area, and not let it spill over into the rest of your relationship. Good for you both!

I don't envy the next president, whomever it is. I believe his term is going to be even tougher than W's years, and that's saying alot!

readsalot said...

Eugene repeatedly thanks me for not being a Republican. We are both a bit passionate about this and if we were on opposing sides, well, there might be bloodshed.

tz said...

it works for us because we're neither far left or right, we're both very middle road AND most importantly like anything else in which we disagree we do so with respect to the other person...

this post wasn't meant to be anything more then a 'my husband makes me laugh' kind of post...and he really really does, probably another reason we get along so well.

Sitting In Silence said...

LOL> sure is !

Teresa said...

That's got me CrAcKiNg up!!! He's funny!