Monday, October 13, 2008

Isaac Isaac, what am I ever going to do with you?

My second child is so impulsive, I'm not sure if it's the age (just turned 6), his personality (his father's) being a boy? Jake, Isaac and I are just sitting there watching some TV, waiting for the Chinese food to arrive (I was studying all day yesterday, did like 5 million loads of laundry, some dishes and made beds....I WAS NOT GOING TO COOK TOO), and Jason was at the store buying a mouse trap....don't ask. Isaac got up off the couch, went up to his brother and slapped him on the face. (I am such a horrible mother, I'm laughing now, just even thinking of the expressions on both their faces) Jake looked at me with a 'what the heck' expression as I was trying to blurt out Isaac's name in a voice of authority and reprimand (but couldn't because I was laughing too hard). Isaac turned to me with a "I have no idea what I just did face" and all three of us rolled around the floor laughing. Between my giggles I tired to impart that even though I was laughing I was in no way condoning his behavior.

I think he got the message.
Probably not the right one though.

Sigh, parenting is hard, even if it is very very entertaining at times.


Scott said...

Hmmm... silly boy. He reminds me of my little sister (2 years younger). Does he like to boss and tell people what to do all the time? Well, I think you handled it as well as possible. I think that would have made anybody laugh! Has he been watching the 3 Stooges late at night?

Mmmmmm! Chinese food... delivered! I wonder if something like the Digorno ad campaigns is going to happen. Like some producer of frozen Chinese food is going to start making commercials about beating the poor guy off his bicycle and making him "history," because you can drive to the store yourself and buy the stuff and then drive home and cook it yourself!

Haven't had any delivered since November of 2003 in Laramie. Was writing a paper on Chinese food in my dorm room, on a Saturday night. And the writing and pictures in the books made me call the Great Wall and order some kind of pork dish in the Hunan style.

Now I just love the most unhealthy thing any place can serve: "General Tso's Chicken." The General was a brutal figure in history, killing mercilessly, and the food was invented in NYC in the 1970's in some small Chinese restraunt. And what many places call General Tso's Chicken is a horrible knock off that doesn't taste remotely like how it is supposed to be made!

What did you guys have?

Dodi said...

One never needs to offer an explaination for ordering chinese take out. Never. It's an unwritten mom rule.

Phew, now I won't feel so bad next time I'm at coffee with you and I have the urge to slap you in the face. You'll totally think it's funny! And you'll totally understand that I have no idea why a grown woman (especially one who shares your political beliefs) would do such a thing!

Sigh, I can finally be myself...

Abby said...

Yeah, I know, it's hard to be the voice of mature authority when you're trying not to laugh - or not even trying not to. I'd chalk it up to a boy thing. At least I know I'm not alone!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

ganelle said...

I'm all for seeing Dodi slap you for no reason. ('Cuz we all know she has it in her!) Especially after a day of school books, laundry and dishes! I know I would be laughing!

Teresa said...

I've had those times too! Love and hate them...they are fun but in the end you know that you might have just started something that will bite you in the butt later! But for now...MUAH HA HA HA HA!!!!

terri said...

Oh, I'm sure I have done something similar in my parenting lifetime! Sometimes you just have to laugh!

Colleen O said...

Excellent parenting! I highly approve. NOT that your asking for my approval,I just wanted you to know YOUR RIGHT~!

by the way, have you ever noticed how many post you have that start "jasons so funny"? (I think it's more than 3.)