Monday, October 06, 2008

Quirky Stuff

Although I was not officially tagged by Ms. Martha, I am still going to play along with her Meme and list off some of quirky things I do. Sadly, unlike Ms. Martha, I had NO problem coming up with six things, as a matter of fact I could have gone on and on.

Number 1. I think Vincent D'Onofrio as the detective in Criminal Intent, Law and Order, is hot. There's something about a really smart, quirky guy that is a real 'turn on'; come on have you met my husband...He's Vincent but shorter, darker and with a beard.
Number 2. I enjoy more the planning rather then the actual execution of said plans.
Number 3. I like to mix mustard and ketsup and dip my fries in it.
Number 4. When I lock any door and put my keys in my bag, I'll reopen my bag and check that the keys I just put in are still there, then I start to close the door, but's.closed I open my bag again to absolutely make sure the keys are in the bag, then I shut the door, but hold my breath, check my bag again and breath a sigh of relief. Periodically, through the day, I'll check for my keys...ok, this is really more OCD then quirky, but we all have our dirty little OCD secrets...(don't we, please say I'm not the only one).
Number 5. Sometimes when the kids are playing nicely I'll scream at the top of my lungs and giggle hysterically while they looked shocked, scared and totally freaked out. They are so going to need therapy.
And, Number 6. When I've done something nice for someone, I'll go buy a lottery ticket, because really, don't I deserve a million dollars for having been so thoughtful to have cooked someone a casserole?
I hope that revealing some of these things haven't completely turned you off from reading my blog.....and if not, please clue the rest of us in on those quirky things you do....Teresa, Chief Rock Chef, Ali and Terri in particular (Danielle got tagged officially by Ms. Martha...but here's another plea to hear what you have to say.)


Ali said...

Yay - I love memes!

Okay - Vincent D'Onofrio...I used to think he was hot too, until I realized that he was the alien on the first Men in Black movie. The one wearing the "Edgar skin suit?" Yeah, so now all I can see is this dirty bug when I look at him.
But, oh wow, when you see him in the movie Mystic Pizza when he was in his 20's? Oh my oh my oh my - SO gorgeous.

Sorry - bit of a D'Onofrio tangent there :)

I'm obsessive about the keys thing too - I must check a thousand times before I close the door.

And the screaming thing? LOL - I do that to my husband all the time - I think I am SO funny :) can't wait to do it to Ellery when she's a bit older.

OHN said...

OMG! I scare my kids all the time by suddenly singing opera at the top of my lungs ( I CANNOT sing and I hate opera~but it is sooo funny to make their ears bleed).

Is Vincent as weird as his character? He kinda creeps me out.

I do the key thing, except it is with my phone. I leave my keys in the ignition. I have a total meltdown if I don't have my phone with me.

tz said...

Ali you crack me up...I did see him as the alien and I just don't think about's so much easier that way...

so when ellery is older and can this: run around the house and then hide behind the corner and as she catches up to you jump out at her...I would do that for hours with my kids...they would scream then laugh and say "do it again mommy, do it again" and they would STILL be surprised. Cheaper then toys.

OHN....I torture my kids w/ singing...if they're being naughty I say..."I will sing if you don't stop" and it WORKS hahahaha.

Rock Chef said...

Even I can't deny that he is hot - and a great actor too!

The screaming thing is mad! One day there will be a ax murderer in your kitchen and the kids will just think you are playing! You have been warned ;-)

I frequently check my pockets for keys and stuff - I guess all guys say that! Ha!

tz said...

when hubby does that CRC, he announces (with some relief), "yup it's still there"
and I laugh, like it's the first time he said that.
and when the xmurder sees how little interest they have in him...he might think twice and go somewhere else...there may be a method to my madness...

Sid said...

Holy mother ... I think he's (Vincent D'Onofrio) hotter too. I love his character. I have told no one this before because I thought I was weird.

Teresa said...

Okay, the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture is...that IS your husband. I am not framiliar with that actor...I'm sure I've seen him but I am no good at remembering names and such...anyway my point is that I almost thought it WAS your husband...they DO look alike!

The keys thing...OH I do that too!! I think being locked out just once will do that to you! LOL!!

Ketchup and mustard mixed together? ICK! But I have heard of ketchup and mayo...double ick! I'm just a plain ketchup...just fries...extra fries!!

I'll put this meme on my list of blogs that I really need to write...I want to do this one...I just need time to think and write it! LOL!!

terri said...

Do you remember Vincent D'onofrio in the 80's flick, "Adventures in Babysitting?" He was HOT back then too! Check it out:

Ken said...

I like number five. When I do something like, my kids just look at me funny.

Sitting In Silence said...

Did I ?....ohhhhhhhhh I love tags.....

I cannie wait....He He He...

I do the key thinghy as well along with my bankcard...xoxox