Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Creepy Crafts, School and my diet

So my find-ways-to-waste-time-on-the-Internet enabler turned me on to this cool blog where I found a link to this fun creepy craft. Yesterday we had fun doing this ourselves....super duper easy.

Jake, splashing paint (er, I mean blood splatter) on wax paper -- putting that pitching arm to good use

Isaac putting his bloody hand prints on the project, I wonder what CSI would say about only a right bloody hand print repeatedly spotted amongst the splatter but no left?

Finished product

This next craft I saw in the Halloween edition of Martha Stewart's Magazine (yeah, yeah, say what you want, but I really want to be her).

You take a grapevine wreath, some toy snakes, black spray paint and some glue. And because I'm not Martha Stewart (even though I not so secretly want to be her), I didn't use the glue and just intertwined the snakes to the wreath. Get everything positioned (and glued, should you wish) and then spray paint everything black. I actually don't remember the directions from the magazine, but this is how I did it.

And Voila ---

We even went shopping for pumpkins and roasted green chilies. I peeled and seeded a half bushel then Jason made green chili.

And I baked

Which brings me to the diet portion of this post.....did not go so well the past couple days (but the chili and the banana bread were soooo yummy!)
And how did I have the time to do this? AND blog twice this month? Well I'm taking a break from school. I'm a bit burned out and couldn't face another class right now. I'm giving myself the holidays and will be back to the hell that is my Master's program in February -- hopefully well rested.


Jennifer Leigh said...

Wow, the bloody decor turned out so good! Thanks for including those links. I'm so trying that wreath....all I need is a toy snake! It looks awesome!! Thanks!

Your Enabler said...

OK, the wax paper thing looks SO great!!! (The wreath isn't bad either.) You ARE the coolest mom.

Colleen O said...

You are a genius! (I'm stealing the snake/wreath) I hope I didn't throw out ALL the rubber snakes.

I love Martha too - have you seen the commercial where she's walking through the store, straightening and fluffing her merchandise? You go Martha!

Amanda said...

That wreath is amazing! And the banana bread is making me hungry...

Mrs. Kravitz said...

Love the spooky crafts! Want to eat the chili and banana bread! And the sneak peak of your stove and backsplash remind me that I need to come over and see your new kitchen! I'm already jealous. :)

P.S. Enjoy your break from school -- you deserve it.

Rock Chef said...


Every time I think you have given up blogging for good and stop following you, you start again!

Are you trying to tell me something?

the cape on the corner said...

love that snake wreath, i haven't seen that before. looks like the kids had fun with the splatter! and by the way, i am loving your kitchen (well, what i can see thus far!)

thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment, i truly appreciate it! high carb count does equal comfort, i think you're right about that!