Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Story and my diet

This actually is not my story, but it was so funny, I had to share (with permission). My friend at work told me that the first year her kids were allowed to trick or treat by themselves they came home super excited.

"Mom, mom look at what we got" they yelled at her in unison.
And both (as if they choreographed this) pulled out cans of Coors Light from their Halloween bags.

OMG, can you imagine the look on that mom's face.....probably similar to the one on your face now, go look in the mirror.

I guess one of her neighbors was pretty sauced, told the kiddos that they were "so cute" and asked them to stay there as she slammed the door. They stayed (hmmm, what's it like to have children that listen? I wouldn't know). She came back with the two cans of beer and told the kiddos that their parents would love it....but then told the kids not to tell the parents (again, she was sauced and probably not thinking things all the way through).

To my friends out there, I promise not to send Coors Light home with your kiddos this Halloween....I can't promise that I won't be drinking one though.

Oh the diet, down 18 pounds (22 if we're going by my scale...I think we should do that, don't you)...whoo hoo. The Slimgenics counselor suggested drinking two tablespoons of undiluted apple cider vinegar every day. I remember my great-grandmother saying that her longevity and good health were a result of her doing this. I thought she was nuts, but the memory popped in my head when I heard this -- so what the heck, I tried some this morning....GAWD AWFUL...but I'll give it a week and see how it goes.

I promise not to send vinegar home with your kids either.

Have a great Spooktacular Halloween.


Amanda said...

22 pounds is awesome!! But 2 tbsp vinegar? Eewww... LOL. Hey, if you can get it down I'm sure it won't hurt. But icky!!!

Keep at it!

Dodi said...

I actually won't mind if you send Coors light home with the kiddies... even chocolate gets old after a while! (Although DD1 would balk!)

I've heard about vinegar...can't wait to hear if it helps. 18 pounds is amazing!!!!

Vern said...

Oh my GOSH! That is too funny. As for the cider vinegar thing, I still have about 20 lbs I'd like to lose but I can't imagine getting that desperate. I think I'd rather carry around the extra muffin top.

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I am a new follower of yours now!

Claudya Martinez said...

You should most definitely go by your scale. Well done!

Poor kids didn't even get good beer.