Saturday, October 09, 2010

my new pedicure, a chance encounter with a guy with a foot fetish and my diet

I treated myself to a pedicure today, went chocolate for fall and Halloween, thought black might be too garish. I took a picture for the blog (I don't know why, silly I guess) and it reminded me of an encounter I had with some guy with a foot fetish, years and years's the story:

I was at the bus stop after school (first time I went to college, in the late 80's); I was wearing flats, and not the nice expensive breathable leather kind, more the man-made material 9 dollar ones...ones that don't let your feet breathe...if you get my drift. Anyhow, this guy, really short, really kind of strange looking and his tall friend -- kind of a Giant Lenny type (of Lenny and George in Of Mice and Men), approached me and told me they were doing a project for school and would I take my shoe off. I was naive at the time, so I said sure. Short creepy guy actually moaned and then asked if he could hold my shoe (okay maybe it was a shoe fetish? and not so much a foot fetish, not sure how that all works). I said, 'um, NO' and put my shoe back on and walked away (didn't wait for the bus). Gross, gross, gross.

The next day, I am in the library (Not studying) and overheard two girl-women talking and one said, "Some creep asked me to take off my shoe, can you believe it? Who would be stupid enough to fall for that?" .....hmmmm, although I was stupid enough to fall for that, I was not stupid enough to out myself by jumping up and yelling, "me, me" to the pretty popular girls who were most likely wearing Nine West.
My diet, down 15 pounds, yay me! I celebrated by eating a bowl of cereal (bad me).


Amanda said...

Yipes, what a weird dude!

And if you celebrated a 15 pound loss with only a bowl of cereal, I've gotta say it sounds like you're doing well :)

Mrs. Kravitz said...

I would have fallen for it, too (at least in college I would have). I also would have been wearing cheap shoes.

Awesome job on the diet -- 15 pounds is really great! Keep up the good work!

Oh, and by the way, your toes look fabulous! I love brown. :) said...

Yikes. At least he didn't steal your shoe!

OHN said...

I now cringe at the naive things I did and fell for when I was younger. Worldly was not a word used to describe me.

BTW...I have NEVER understood the whole shoe/foot thing. I can't stand the smell of stinky feet, and having 3 boys, there were times I couldn't even open the closet door without gagging, so I made the "shoes off in the garage" rule......though it didn't make the actual feet smell any better.