Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Zimmers

I just mailed out 80 cards with little notes on them saying to catch our Christmas letter on our blog. Then realized, I did not actually write the Christmas letter (oh my). So here's a quick review of our year to let you know what we've been up to. Mostly in picture-form because I've been super busy -- full time work, school (okay, back in November I stopped for awhile to get my bearings, I plan on resuming my MSN program in February), the kids, their school, their sports, a remodel (yeah, yeah, I still haven't gotten around to pictures yet, I'm waiting for the window treatments, then I think I'll be done and I'll post pictures) and still trying to find time for that guy I married.

My review is backwards, because I still can't quite figure out the whole picture thing on blogger.

Friday after Thanksgiving we go cut down our tree. We normally find a tree farm, but this year we got it together in October and sent in our request for a permit so we went to the forest and picked one out. It was a fun day for the family.

Beautiful fall foliage off of my in-law's deck (for those of you who don't know, my sister-in-law and her husband live down the block, my mother-in-law -- across the street from them -- it's Everybody Loves Raymondish around here -- Jason would be Raymond). I was trying to get a nice shot for the Christmas card, but who am I kidding, my kids just won't sit still long enough.

Halloween, I would love to show you pictures of how scary the boys were, but I forgot to take any.

Our trip to Glenwood Springs ended with a gruesome-uh-I-mean-awesome hike to Hanging Lake. Great view when you finally get to the top.

The caverns above Glenwood Springs. Over Labor Day Weekend we celebrated Jason's birthday with a family trip. We did a lot but didn't end up actually going to the Glenwood Pool. Next time.

First day of school, they look thrilled, don't they?

Neighborhood fourth of July party. It was supposed to be a pie eating contest...Jake and Isaac had their own twist of how that was supposed to go.

Isaac with his decorated bike during the bike-scooter-wagon parade.

Isaac was on the swim team for summer and fall. By the end of this last season, his dive started to look a bit more like a dive and less like a belly flop....he's getting there. This December he started Karate.

Jake's on his 6th year of doing baseball in the summers. He likes the infield positions but pitching is his favorite, no short stop, no pitching, wait maybe first base....he can't decide. He's taking a break from baseball and trying his hand at basketball this winter.

Early summer hiking in Castlewood Canyon. Great area just minutes from home.

Apres skiing-snowboarding in Breckenridge over Spring Break.

Spring Skiing-snowboarding. Yes, for most of you this doesn't quite look like Spring. Spring in the Rockies is a different animal then the rest of the U.S.

Father-son snowmobiling trip last winter.
Well these are the highlights of 2010. All in all a pretty good year for the Zimmers (knock on wood). We are so very thankful for the Blessings in our lives, particularly those blessings that come in the form of friends and family! Our hope for you is that this holiday season brings you much joy and the coming year is full of blessings of love and friendship.
The Zimmers
Merry Christmas


Amanda said...

Merry Christmas, and great pictures!!

OHN said...

What a great recap. I haven't even bought our cards yet. Oops :)

Colleen O said...

Lovely post/blog/Christmas letter! And once again, I feel very blessed to have the Zimmers as friends - Merry Christmas!

Colleen O said...

just curious. Are you preserving your blog somehow? I was for a while, but woefully behind if I'm still doing it. Just saying your Christmas Letter is very preservable!