Sunday, February 27, 2011

POTD -- donations for future orthodontia needs appreciated

Isaac lost another tooth the other day. He said he was opening one of those bottles that you're supposed to open with your mouth and his tooth flew out.

He didn't believe me that there are no such bottles. Nor did he believe me that you aren't supposed to use your mouth in lieu of any type of tool.

He also mentioned to us that a friend of his told him that you get $15 dollars for your last tooth from the Tooth Fairy. Since this is not going to happen in our house, we tried to convince him that the Tooth Fairy pays kids for their teeth based on the parents' income and maybe her parents were really really wealthy but since we aren't a tooth is only worth a couple dollars at our house (more if it's pulled by a dentist, -- and given the way his teeth are coming in, he may be coming into a bit of money shortly thanks to the dentist -- but still not 15$ a tooth).

And I began to wonder, one: how is this fair (and thankfully, his somewhat A.D.D. -- in the way of most eight year olds -- mind wandered off in another direction and two: how do we get into such discussions?

But what I find amazing is that even though kids compare what they received for Christmas, what they got in their Easter baskets and what the Tooth Fairy leaves them under the pillow, and they must realize there are some serious discrepancies, they still believe. I love that.


Bridgett said...

Oh wow. That's like my mouth when I was in 4th grade (braces two years later). I feel your pain.

Abigail Wise said...

Oh my goodness! $15 for a tooth! I think I used to get 50 cents!