Saturday, February 12, 2011

POTD - No one knows how to draw a dog!

Some of the words we got last night...."interview" - Good Lord, how do you draw "interview"?? (I tried a guy behind a didn't work). One of the pictures above was Jason drawing the word "contagious", Jay got it just fine (or was it Lindsey, I forgot who was partners with whom at that time), my "contagious" drawing wasn't as descriptive, I think because I drew lines rather then drops.

All of our dogs looked alike and all the dogs looked the same as all of our horses and strangely a lot like Jay's rendition of the United States (he claimed that the "dip" he drew in California was the Baja peninsula, he was just being very accurate)

All in all, it was a wonderful evening of laughter, good food, and wonderful company.


Martha said...

sounds like the disclaimer of "artistic skills optional" applied to all of you?

Amanda said...

We have a brutal game of dominoes going at my family's gatherings. So far I'm in dead last, which means I can only be amused as the rounds progress :)