Saturday, July 09, 2011

Coach Gifts & Championship Game

Today was the championship game for Jake's team.  Unfortunately they didn't win.  Fortunately they got second place for their division in their age yay team!  And I'm so thankful to one of the other nurses at work who covered my shift today so I could go.  When My boss asked why I hadn't asked for this day off, I told her, "I didn't actually think they'd make it".....They did a big come around this season, they were 8 and 6 during the season, but undefeated during the play-offs, so all in all we're super happy with second place!

Jake and his proud papa

Since we were in Castle Rock for the game we thought we'd try this burger place Jason heard about where you can order anything on the burger you want.  One of their special burgers is all this stuff between two donuts for the bun (sounds a bit icky, but I guess the novelty of that is interesting).  Crave, is the name of the place.  Jake ordered a hamburger with, pulled pork, lamb, fries, chipotle sauce, cheese, ham and bacon (I think I threw up a little in my mouth by just typing that).
Jason told him he'd give him 5 dollars if he could eat it all and another 10 if he didn't throw up.
Here's Isaac with his burger...he was a little more restrained (which is surprising), He just had a bacon cheeseburger.  Me? Plain burger with a salad (okay, I snuck some of Isaac's fries).
He tried.....didn't quite make it.
We gave the coaches their gifts today.  They are three of the greatest guys around.  I'm so happy with this team!  The parents are great (one of the parents is actually the coach for the team that Jake played with the last 5 years), and the kids get along and support each other.  It was a great season.  For the three coaches I took a picture of the whole team, then one of the three coaches and framed them.  I also had all the kids sign the matting.
I took regular scrap-booking stickers for the year.  I thought since most of them are going forward  I could do this for a couple more years and it'll be a really nice memento for them.  For the head coach, I also put together an album that I did on Snapfish.
For the cover I just took a picture of one of the boys' hats.

I tried to group pitching on one page, sliding into bases on another two pages, the families on two...etc.  Snapfish didn't seem to have a lot of choices for the book, it could be I didn't really play around with it enough though.  My friend, Martha, uses shutterfly and says it's user friendly for this kind of project.  I'm so happy with the whole digital book that I'll definitely try this again.

We had one dad that was always so encouraging, cheering the boys on and the kids just adored him, so I also made him a mug with a picture of him taking the boys on the field at Coor's Field and on the other side it says, "Most enthusiastic Spartan's Dad"  He had a great time getting that gift.
It's so hard finding a good gift for coaches.  Actually for guys in general! So I hope they liked these.

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ganelle said...

What great gifts! So clever. I love that u made a thing for the dad. Awesome!

Amanda said...

That burger looks amazing... in the shocking sort of way, LOL. And wonderful coach gifts :)