Sunday, July 10, 2011

Renaissance Festival

Today we went to Renaissance Festival.  I haven't been since before Jake was born.  It was so fun to see the kiddos enjoy themselves like that.  They loved it.  They did a lot of things like cross bow shooting, archery and watching a joust.

This was a duo, one was juggling fire sticks and the one on the bottom had a fire hula hope.
Little knife swallowing.
Isaac trying his hand at shooting a cross-bow.  He got the target once.

Jake was throwing tomatoes at some guy who would insult them.  He yelled, "You couldn't even get on a girl's softball team".  The next tomato almost hit the guy...
Sir Roderick
Jousting in the rain....but that's Denver in July...sunny days and about an hour of rain in the afternoon.  Glad I brought my umbrella.
A quick picture with Captain Jack Sparrow.
The kids had a great time, no video games, no T.V., no movies.

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Erin said...

I worked for a Ren faire when I was a teen and LOVED it, I can't wait to take both my boys there next year!

Rock Chef said...

Looks great!

When you get to Germany you will be able to see some REAL castles!

tz said...

@john, I've been to those castles in Germany...can't wait to take the kids there sometime!
@ Erin, that would have been a dream job as a teen!

thatgirlblogs said...

fun - I'm a captain jack fan, for sure :)

Claudya Martinez said...

The idea of throwing tomatoes sounds like so much fun to me. I hope I don't accidentally do it at home one day.

ganelle said...

Last time we went the acts had gotten pretty PG13+. Did u find it to be ok for kids who are old enough to catch some of the innuendo?

tz said...

ganelle, we concentrated more on the games, we saw a knife throwing show...there was a belly dancer that one of the men kept making googly eyes toward but it was more funny then pg13...the one with the juggling fire made one comment about mounting her brother (when she was getting on his shoulders) and then the brother said they were from W. a crowd laugh...other then that, no...however some of the women dressing, sort of an excuse to get your slut girl was pretty much in a fur bikini top and leather boy-pants...we didn't get a chance to see puke and snot and that one might be worse...the kids just had fun with the joust, and all the little fair games like archery, riding elephants etc.