Thursday, November 10, 2011

honey do project almost completed

Family Message Center

I got so sick of telling everyone what's for dinner, like 500 times and where they need to be and when, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a family message center.  When we remodeled our kitchen I didn't leave much space for hanging stuff because I wanted tons of cabinets (oh, darn...right?) so the pantry door was so the obvious place to go. A couple of people I talked to about it, thought that was kinda I stopped talking about it and begged hubby to just do it.  And he did.  He's a great hubby.  We bought some moulding, a thin wood board and a door handle for the chalk (that part hasn't been done yet, thus the 'almost' of the almost done).
Somehow this part of our kitchen is becoming a work station of sorts.  This isn't all for the chalkboard project.
I love this stuff....Didn't even have to buy any because we have it around -- yeah, I'm cool like that.

Jason put up the wood board with screws, the kind that can go into hollow doors. Then taped and started painting.  He and I (notice that, I do sometimes help with these projects I beg Jason to do) alternated painting, we did four coats.

Then the trim.  We just chose simple wood trim, the kind that's already white, actually I'm not sure it's actually wood, but whatever.

Nail holes and edges were caulked and we still need to paint the trim and attach the 'holder' for the chalk
We found a door handle like above and then Jason'll add it to our chalkboard. (above picture was from an Etsy shop and this picture is making the rounds on Pinterest -- which is where I got the idea -- because I have no original ideas, I just recognize good ideas when I see them).  I think I might get some vinyl lettering for the days of the week.  I just don't have awesome chalkboard/chalk penmanship.

And now, theoretically, the kids (and Jason) can just take a look at the chalkboard to know what's for dinner, or who needs to be where when.  Yesterday, Isaac asked me what was for dinner, out of habit I told him and he said, "Mom, you're supposed to say, 'go to the blackboard'".  He's a genius.

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Rock Chef said...

That is a great idea - wonderful use of space!

Amanda said...

That's an awesome idea! I love the chalk holder. Of course, with my younger one that chalk would last approximately 5 minutes...

Jen said...

Love it! I'm also impressed that you actually have a plan for dinner a week ahead. My kids usually ask me because it's almost dinner time and they haven't seen anything in the works yet... :)