Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (a little late)

Came across this fun blog where she gives her readers a photo challenge. Although  I was up for the challenge I couldn't get to the posting portion until today. Something about my last week of two classes, one of which is titled Finance...need I say more. Thankfully projects and papers are in and I thought I'd take a moment and have some fun.


Could be interesting covering for hubby's balding head....or run for cover if you see a Dorothy looking like this.

There is a ton of texture inside a pumpkin.  It's creepy in itself and feels pretty gross.  Cleaning out pumpkins, not so much fun, carving them....spending time with the family....Halloween....lots of fun.

Okay, not as macro as I should have gone...but love the layering of the burger.  We went to Red Rocks for a hike and it kind of reminded me of the layering of the colors of the rocks.  And...it was really tasty!

Love it when trees, bushes  and flowers grow where there's very little soil....It's amazing to me that something as large as a tree can take root and thrive in what is primarily rock.  It makes me so hopeful -- life may be hard but there's always a way to grow.


It's a little messy (okay a lot messy), tons on my to do list, but somehow it gets done.  As much as I'd like things pretty and organized it isn't always going to happen.  I might as well be honest, I'm a slob.  But home is where I can be a slob and people still love me.

Check out Ramblings and Photos her stuff is great and the links to other people's scavenger hunts are inspirational.  Maybe after my master's I'll take a couple of photography classes -- well after quilting and maybe pottery -- someone stop me.


Rock Chef said...

It is amazing what a tree can hang on to isn't it?

I didn't realise that was a pumpkin at first - thought it was some sort of fire/explosion!

Ashley Sisk said...

Too funny - your cover shot makes me laugh!

Mrs4444 said...

I forgot to comment on the Red Rocks thing earlier--What a gorgeous place!! I also loved your porch decor :)

Gotta love a man with a sense of humor :)