Thursday, March 01, 2007

Please still be my friend....

Oh my I got 'tagged' by someone I haven't officially met, but really enjoy reading her blog (to the point of stalking) I have no idea what that means but I'm so honored. Being the kid that was picked last for such things in grade school this means a lot! So this is what I'm supposed to do, name 10 things people don't know about me. I did this once before for a 'blog challenge' (Jan 9)which seems very similar to being 'tagged'. I'm so new to the blogging world I'm just not too sure about these things. Anyhow, it was fun the first time so I'll do it again.

10. I really would love to be an 'intellectual' but I am a bit too silly, and frankly not quite intelligent enough.
9. My conservative friends think I'm too liberal
8. My liberal friends think I'm too conservative
7. I think I'm just right
6. I am caring less about what people may or may not think about my parenting. They're bright, curious, healthy (majorly) active little boys. I don't need for them to be perfect and frankly if what they do makes you feel better about your own children and your parenting, I'm happy to provide that service for you.
5. I so dig the whole Big Love polygamous family. Not into the sharing of the husband thing but the whole 'taking a village' to raise the family thing is great! And thank you to my neighborhood mommies colleen (barb), martha (niki) aimee and shaina for helping me raise mine (and, gulp, I'm margine --except shaina thinks I'm barb and to her I probably am, but to the other guys in the group, not so much......another reason why I can't be in the whole 'intellectual' group I'd love to be a part of--I'm a bit of a scatter brain)
4. Sometimes when the kids are perfectly content playing without me I want to go hit them so that they cry and need me. I have never done this, just been tempted. I love that feeling that I'm the one that can solve their problems, with a snuggle and assurances that they are loved. They need that less and less from me and I'm missing it.
3. I lose my temper with rude customer service people.
2. I want a particular ex friend to be 'outed' as a sociopath and then have her move away.
1. I really love doing these stupid list things! and enjoy reading other people's stupid list things.
So now I will 'tag' some of you others to do this too
sis in law , sis in law's sis, tosin another person I don't know but like to read and last but of course not least Niki (that would be you, martha)
And of course feel free NOT to do it. I won't think any less of you.


Martha said...

Can Niki request that she pass on this game of tag? My head is swimming with cold medicine and I just can't think of anything worth noting.

I didn't want to blow off your tagging...but it just isn't in me this week.

tz said...

no worries....understood, last week all i could blog about was how miserable i felt, so it's your turn!