Saturday, March 03, 2007

This Discovery was Confirmed by Logic

Oh my gosh, I got my letter, I am starting nursing school in the fall. I was supposed to start this spring but didn't have my Micro class yet and had to take a deferment. When I talked to them, they made it sound like I would have to wait another couple of semesters so I had it in the back of my head, NEXT JANUARY.


I know it's what I want, it's what I've been working toward, it's going to be good for the family and for me. But I'm a little freaked out and scarier still, very excited.

DH, cutest man ever, went to Build a Bear with the little one for a birthday party and he came home with a nurse bear for me as a congratulations. I really love him, he's such a good guy. Makes me even feel ALMOST a little guilty that I yelled at him for buying another industrial sized trashcan (we already have 5, I'm really not sure about the logic of having so many huge trashcans, maybe it's a guy thing?).

Title, from Jake's journal, he and his cousin, Bridget went on a rock hunting adventure and wrote about it, they found a rock that they assume to be over 200 years old and decide that it must be so because of


Colleen O said...

Never come between a kid and his logic, or a man and his trash can. Kevin has a strange affinity for pricey trash cans too. . . he seems able to fight it off though.

And I must laugh again; I had it in my head that you were starting in the fall, so it continues to surprise me, your surprise. Just breath,(a good sometimes addition to "smile and wave")

Martha said...

Yep, I too was certain nursing school was right around the corner for you.

But, yes, keep on keeping on...
Wishing this husband had an interest in anything trash related...

Lisaopolis said...

The kid is ready for academia.