Friday, March 30, 2007

i'm just-a-yappin'

DH sent me the latest JibJab mini movie. It's pretty funny and happens to go well with this funny map I saw on another blog I stalk from time to time.

I think you can click on the picture and make it larger to see the wording.

I'm procrastinating right now, dishes need to be done, study organized, outline for a paper on TB needs to be finished (good news, no email from the other two in my group, so at least I'm not alone in slacking) , an assignment, two labs and a shower. Also need to take Jake's bike in for repairs. And a whole list of other things that just makes me tired thinking about it. And may make others bored just reading it.
Fun stuff: I found out when the nursing orientation starts; so I think that Jason, the kids and I will spend a week up in the Pac NW this coming August. I can visit my almost 92 year old grandad and aunt and a bunch of cousins then we'll do some sight seeing and then my brother's wedding. We'll have to take the kids out of school for a week. But, I'm pretty sure that college admissions won't frown too heavily on that if it happens before the third grade. We're also planning another two weekends away in May; one with kids, one without. We're going to Oklahoma, which I hear is OK, another wedding. When I called the lodge, there were no more rooms available. The lodge-lady did say they had cabins....pregnant pause....I asked, 'and by cabins, you mean what?' she laughed and assured me that plumbing and electricity were part of the package (yeah, I'm a weenie!). It should be a fun trip with the boys. It's on a lake by a state park. A couple weekends after that, Jason and I are going to Colorado Springs (as far as I'll go with out the kids) and celebrate our 15th anniversary (I was a, really). Woo hoo, can I say it again, FIFTEEN. And I still love him -- like newly-wed love him.
Alrighty, I'm off to the shower, maybe I'll feel invigorated enough to start the laundry....oh yeah, need to do that too as well as the above.

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Martha said...

I've got nothing witty to say other than...I'm here, I'm reading and lurking. Happy Anniversary. And Happy Trails for your various summer trips.
*Seriously, wouldn't worry about missing a week or so of second grade. My recollection of it for Thing One was that it was more reinforcement and solidifying the skills they acquire in first. Easy Peasy, Lemony Squeezy!