Wednesday, March 21, 2007


So colleen blogged about her new pet peeve, interrupting. A good pet peeve to have, one that I usually overlook (ok, because I do it myself) until I have something I think is so important to the conversation then I get a little peevish myself. But she did have a good thing going ranting about it, I bet she felt so much better afterwards..... Martha joined in with a rant of her own. So here I am, just copying them as I don't have anything any more creative to blog.

My micro's very interesting (ok, I know I can get a bit geekish at time). But there are a couple of people that really bug me! Before I go off, I'd just like to say, I really like my lab partners and frankly most people in the class, honestly there are only two with whom I have issues. One, I shall call the Condescending Know It All and the other, the I'm Too Smart For This Class and Will Scoff at Your Apparently Stupid Questions While I Get the Teacher Off Track For Fun..... ok, both long names, I'll blame my Cuban side for that. CKIA asks questions and then talks over the teacher answering the questions herself. She ignores her lab partners and writes in her book and she wanders over to our lab, just to make sure we're doing it correctly. ITSFTCAWSAYASQWIGTTOTfF.....ok that really was a long name, will ask questions about unrelated topics, knowing that the professor is easily sidetracked and all of the sudden we're talking about politics (yes a great subject but we're in MICROBIOLOGY) and I want to know about bacteria, not what people think of stem cell research (ok, I do want to know what people think about that...but not my classmates) because I want to know what's on the TEST. I'd love a spirited debate outside the classroom. If I wanted that debate in the classroom I'd take a political, ethics, or a religious course. But I'm taking Microbiology.
Surprisingly, the issue of the professor being easily side tracked is not a pet peeve. I have an affinity for the absent minded professor type, my dad was one (and with your dad, the ability to side track is a bonus). The people in the class who are actually smarter than I am (and most are), I enjoy picking their brain and learning from them. And frankly, the ones that are really smart, enjoy sharing their knowledge and are not in the least way condescending and actually enjoy hearing what I have to say also; it's an exchange. The ones who think they're smarter and are not yet try to bulldoze over me, well, hmmmm.

Well, look at that, I do feel better.


Gina Grace said...

My peeve? Open-mouth chewing. The whole business of not only seeing, but hearing other people's spit is enough to me very cross.

tz said...

ok, yuck...