Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally some good financial news...well for us at least

Had to pay my tuition...that was hard, BUT it's the last semester I have to do that...WOO HOO (ok, until I go back for my BSN and MSN)...anyhoo, the good news is that in this disaster of a year, our ARM, the very first and only one we've EVER done and only did because we owned two houses at the time, is coming up at a time when interest rates are going down so our rate is also going to go down and locked into that reduction for a year so we don't have to scramble to refinance and hope our house held at least some of its value so we can stay in the 80% range and not pay PMI....YAY! Now if only the stock in J's company would go up (could you all go buy some stock in Perficient and help that along please, I'd really like a new kitchen).

Again, I have nothing to really write about...if someone (Chief Rock Chef) would email me some really interesting interview questions...I'd so have something to write...sigh....(how's that for a guilt trip, CRC)as it is, I'm having a block...or maybe I'm just living that uninteresting of a life.....hmmm, something to ponder, but later I'm off to attend a seminar on how to read for nursing school...this might have been more helpful in the beginning of the program, but maybe I'll pick up some good tips... (thanks, Martha, for your sage advice on Facebook).


terri said...

Oh, so it's not just me who didn't get questions from CRC? I was beginning to feel offended, LOL!

Good news on the interest rate!

Ali said...

I just sent mine to Reggie and Rock Chef - so I am TOTALLY going to school him and send you yours before he sends HIS questions!!!

Whooo! Go me!!

Sitting In Silence said...

That's good news. Interest rates have gone down here as well. Mind you, a little to late for a alot of people who lost their homes.

Now we just hope DH's job is ok as he sells to the European and USA market and things are not doing so great !