Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My interview from Chief Rock Chef

My first day of class went well...well the lecture went well, but I failed my math test (a test you need 100% on to pass) so I retook it today and passed...woo hoo. Anyhow, I'm thinking this semester is going to be my favorite yet. I finally feel like I have a rhythm to my studying, I know the teachers and I only have two's the home stretch and I'm stoked! Soooo, Chief Rock Chef sent me some interview questions and I thought I would share them with you....for those who requested interview questions, I'm in the process of getting them out and those who haven't yet, please do! It's fun to think up questions and no worries, I'll be very polite, no weird stuff!

Here you go.....

1.- Soon after we "met" you sent me a prize (an amazingly well chosen prize at that) and I remember you commenting that you like trying to buy good presents for people. Have you ever bought something that has fallen totally flat, turned out to be absolutely the wrong thing?

I'm very glad you liked your prize. It was very fun trying to pick something out. But, you were actually very easy to buy for. I never seem to find the right thing for my sister-in-law. She would never ever say otherwise, she's too polite, but sometimes you just know. I once bought her a heather gray sweater and leggings only because I thought she would look fantastic in that color. I hadn't realized at the time that she never wore much color, she stayed with some pretty basic whites and blacks and sometimes never occurred to me that this color would be out of her comfort zone, but it was. Most of the time I buy her gift certificates, she has most of what she needs and wants.

2 - You have committed yourself to the wonderful, stressful, often thankless world of nursing. If you were suddenly able to switch to a new career (no training, studying, etc needed) what would it be?

If I could be anything....I'd be an interior decorator. I love color, furniture, paintings etc and like to see how to put them all together to make a comfortable livable room. My favorite channel on television is HGTV . I would also like to be an artist, preferably a sculptor.

3 - Looking at old posts, you seem to get a lot of bad weather where you are - Colorado I seem to recall? Do you enjoy this or would you prefer to live somewhere with a kinder climate? Where would you go?

Colorado is a pretty awesome state. Even though we do have snow (not much lately, it was 70 degrees F today, we had the windows open and the kids were wearing shorts) we also have more sunny days then California. The snow rarely stays on the ground for more then a couple of days. We have the beautiful Rocky Mountains just a few minutes away. I love having all four seasons too.....BUT, I would actually love to live in the Pacific North West, a place with actually worse weather then ours because of the amount of rain they have...but I love rain and I love green. They also have mountains but in combo with the ocean.

4 - Long ago I had did a post about a TV show that I wanted to do - a cooking show called Rock Chef which would feature a different rock star guest each week. Have you ever thought of yourself doing a TV show? If so, what sort would it be? Who would be on it with you?

Whatever show I'd do, it would probably end up a comedy....I'm not really comfortable being the center of attention like that so I think most likely I would produce rather then host a show. I think it would be fun to do something Martha Stewart like but with REAL people and ideas for REAL life. Seriously if I spent hours creating marzipan turkeys for Thanksgiving I'd have a fit if someone ate one....Martha Stewart is just nuts.

5 - If you are having a bad day, what thing is most likely to cheer you up, or are you doomed once a day turns bad?

Sadly, I often turn to food, but it doesn't cheer me up, it makes me feel worse....but a lot of times my husband can joke around or poke fun at what I'm doing and I can usually cheer up. I'm rarely doomed....but the days that I am, I usually leave the family and crawl into bed so that they don't have to witness it.....
Thanks John for the interview questions they were fun to answer. And for the rest of you...check out the directions in my post below should you wish to be interviewed (and I so hope you do!).


terri said...

The other day I was tired of hearing myself complain about the weather here and trying to decide where I would go if I could go anywhere. Then I decided that no matter where I could go, there would be some kind of extreme weather that would be a drawback. But I think I was wrong. I think Colorado is the place! I'm on my way!

Great interview, by the way!

Rock Chef said...

Great answers!

Hm, I just checked a map and you are much further south than I thought you were - no wonder you get better weather than I expected!

Interior designer - how about going on "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition"? Surely that would be a blast to do?

Food doesn't work for you? Does for me, as does having my other half poke fun at me!

Thanks for taking the time to do this, it was great.

Laura said...

Ok, I guess I'm up for it. Interview me, please.

Sandra said...

My compliments to CRC for what I thought were some very good questions.

And, I enjoyed reading your answers. A great concept.

tosin said...

Your interview answers have been great! If you're not sick of it yet, I would love to be interviewed!


Leon1234 said...

This is a great post. Thank you for sharing. Great to getting you know better.

Dodi said...

Interview me? (I'm a scardy cat!)

Anonymous said...

O.K. how did you get 70 degrees when we have only made it to 30 once this whole month?!

Tagged you for a silly and easy meme today.

Teresa said...

I'd love to be an interior decorator also! But...I only buy things on clearance so it would take a long time to finish a room.