Saturday, October 23, 2010

Isaac's birthday party, I may be a flake and my diet

Today we had Isaac's birthday party (TODAY -- and yes, I know his actually birthday was in September, I kind of suck at this). We had it at the local rec center/pool...As of this morning I wasn't sure who we had invited and not sure who rsvp'd because I lost the list. But I knew that it MIGHT be more then 12 so when the coordinator called yesterday from the rec center, while I was in my car so the phone was cutting in and out, I think I told him we needed an extra life guard.

This morning I realized I may not have ordered a cake big enough (and I really didn't).

I did call the coordinator back when I got better reception and left a message, only to find out that I left the message on a contractor's phone (getting an estimate on redoing the patio in back yard....last estimate to tear out patio and put in a deck 22 need to be calling around on that).

As of this morning I still did not have party favors...I was hoping I could find some swim goggles this time of year because seriously even though they're like 7 dollars it still comes out cheaper to do one for each kid with a ribbon then those stupid bags with all the little junk and candies in there....(but hey maybe I should have done the junk and candies, since there really wasn't a lot of cake). Turns out there were no goggles, but did score some card games for six dollars a piece. After swimming 6 of the little guys came back here for a sleepover.

Yesterday, while talking to coordinator on phone I was running to meet the management company for our rental, they called said they'd be 10 minutes late and I was early (as usual) so I decided I had time to pick up a table I had recently purchased...but then there was a problem (there was a scratch on the table and I had to discuss it with like three different people how to resolve the 'issue' and frankly I was fine because the scratch was pretty minuscule but they wanted to insure my happiness) so ended up being late and therefore frazzled for the management company guy AND took the wrong key so we couldn't even get into the house...I kept telling him, "I'm really not this much of a flake" but maybe I really am....
Last week we had time to 'boo' the neighborhood.

The kids LOVE doing this so we did more then our requisite two bags.

I am actually ahead of the game on getting together the kids' goodie bags for their school parties. All in all, I'm liking not going to school right now.

Which brings me to my diet...not so good, I've cheated every day this past week and have only lost another pound, I think that makes 16 total. It didn't help that I ordered pizza for the sleepover guests this evening, because ended up eating nasty Little Ceaser's'd think if I were to cheat, I'd cheat with something REALLY yummy.


Rock Chef said...

You're a pretty lousy cheat if you still lost a pound!

$22,000? Don't people know that there is a recession going on?

Sounds like the party was fun - Happy Birthday!

Dale kids birthday entertainer said...

Sounds like a cool party for the boys. don't worry about the diet. everyone falls off the wagon sometime or another.