Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden Pictures

We've had a week of rain, hail and wind and my garden has suffered.  
 My hanging basket weathered the storm.
 My poor irises....there are a lot of blooms though that are still emerging so hopefully I'll get some pretty shots later.
 I totally forgot planting these guys, and have no idea what they are (okay, so I'm not a 'real' gardener -- just someone who picks plants because they're pretty and put them in the ground)  but they did great in the recent stormy weather.
 The Clematis is starting to bloom.  I love Spring.

With all this rain our grass is coming back nicely.


Martha said...

clematis? I sit here giggling like a 13 year old boy in health I recall your story about Jay-Z remarking on the bounty of last year's clematis. Your flowers look lovely: even with Mother Nature's attempt to pound them with hail.

Rock Chef said...

Ah, I know what those white plants are - dig, dig, it is in my brain somewhere!

I will tell you when I remember!

Rock Chef said...


Got it in the end!