Tuesday, May 03, 2011

why I should park in the garage

A couple weeks ago I posted about getting a new sticker family for my car from this place.  My friends teased (really I think they were envious, because I am so cool and in no way a geek like my Star Trek loving husband -- but whatever)  A couple days ago my so-called-friends and the man who claimed to love me for eternity did THIS to my car:

I totally didn't notice it right away (yeah, I'm THAT observant) and as Dodi pointed out I apparently don't look through my rear view mirror often enough.  In my defense, I was only going to the local market, only blocks away.  I did my shopping and came back to my car and had a...'what the heck' kind of moment.  Yup, Honda. Yup, in the spot or at least close to where I'm pretty sure I parked. Yup the first four guys are the ones I put on there.

My sticker family multiplied!  I burst out laughing in the middle of the parking lot, giggled while I put my groceries in the trunk and laughed all the way home.

Yeah, my friends, who thought I was a bit nutso and for going the sticker family route also know about my not so secret fascination with the whole polygamous culture (half way between admiration, loving the free babysitting and best friend gal time, and horror....no way in h.e.double toothpicks am I sharing my husband).  I devoured all the Big Love episodes, Sister Wives is on my DVR queue and I've read a book or two about women who've escaped the compounds.
I call my hubby, totally giggling and he alludes to knowing who did it.  Before I can even cajole, threaten, bribe it out of him  HE.HUNG.UP.ON.ME.

So I called my friend, Colleen who I think might be a part of it along with Dodi (because she was the most vocal about her opinions),  Martha (you should have seen the lawn full of pink plastic flamingos in Dodi's yard, this would be so her) and maybe Jacqui (I have yet to have a confirmation as to her culpability) and after I mentioned Jason hung up on me, SHE.HUNG.UP.ON.ME.TOO!

Jason finally outed Dodi (because he doesn't know her as well as the others and therefor less fearful) and then Colleen outed herself and Martha -- according to Colleen, Martha was the master plotter (all those who know her can not be surprised) and Colleen and Dodi, with Jason's blessing -- I wondered why he didn't pull my car into the garage -- did the deed.  I'm just glad they didn't go for the TPing that Colleen suggested in her brief time of channeling an adolescent.

I love my friends.  I was actually having a bad day (half regretting signing back up for the MSN program and feeling very sorry for myself).  So this could not have come at a better time to give me a good laugh. If I were ever in a polygamous relationship, these really are the women I'd want to be my sister wives -- well with out the sharing of my one and only, even if he did hang up on me.

I just have one question....what's with the lobster?


Rock Chef said...

You know at first I thought they were Smurfs!

It is great to have friends like that isn't it? And yes, you are totally cool in my eyes.

Amanda said...

Hehehehehe... now that is awesome!

Colleen O said...

you had a grace descend upon you! Well, upon your car.

Jessie Saxton said...

That's hilarious! I can't believe you didn't notice it right away...yes, I can...I wouldn't have either. The rear view is for checking to make sure there isn't any food in your teeth, or the kids aren't trying to murder each other in the back seat;)

pysanki.blogspot.com said...

Hehehe that is great! You are blessed to have such wonderful friends. And hey, good luck on the MSN.

Kara @ June & Bear said...

what a fun story. i was wondering about the lobster too. and i totally dug Big Love too.