Thursday, November 03, 2011

Fall Break

Red Rocks

So excited to be a school nurse and have fall break off at the same time the kiddos do.  Although, I'm still in school (Master's in Nursing --- why?) I was still able to carve some time out for family and friends.  Jason took one of the days off and we took a family hike to Red Rock's Canyon 

 Fun fact...Red Rocks are relatively newer then the Rocky Mountains, but 'made' from the no longer existing mountain range that existed before the Rocky far as geological timing, I can't remember....I guess reusing and repurposing isn't a new thing.
 You'd think running the seats at the amphitheater would have tired them out...but no.

 Lunch at the visitor center grill.  Not bad. Frankly, my favorite part of the day....I so need to rework my priorities!

Coffee with the Gals

Once a week some of the neighborhood ladies meet for coffee.  It was hit or miss with me when I was a dialysis nurse and now it's mostly miss.  It was a nice treat to be able to meet with them.  Because we had a teacher in the group that didn't get a fall break (different district) but did have a couple days off, we had an extra coffee day at my house.  I even made brunch.

Pumpkin Carving 

Fun for the entire family.  Even Jake, my "I'm-too-cool-for-anything-my-parents-think-is-fun" grudgingly contributed to the evening.

Gearing Up for Sea-leaguers Weekend at Easter Seals.
Jake belongs to the Sea Cadets, junior leaguers.  The last weekend of break they went to the Easter Seals camp where they helped close it down (in the spring they go up and help set the camp up) as part of their community service.  They also get to run around and play navy stuff.  Not sure I'm supposed to say play, because they take it all seriously.

Also completed a paper for my finance class (ugh finance, I'd like to say necessary evil, but I'm not convinced it was really necessary) and a paper and PowerPoint for my leadership class.  Also got through the clutter on half my was quite the job! All in all, it was a nice week off


Mrs4444 said...

Sounds like you fit plenty in! I cleaned my desk for the sub who's in for me while I'm away. I did the same at home, before our Halloween party, but that crap is still in the box I threw it in. I guess I'll be tackling that (and my pumpkins) this weekend :)

Bridgett said...

I was at Red Rocks in 1991, which I realize now is 20 years ago and that makes me feel really old. I love all those western empty big rock places!