Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another List Thing

Blog challenge forwarded by Martha is another list thing....hmmm, well it sure beats studying and I'm all for anything that keeps me from THAT!

When is the first time you fell in love?
Well it would be Jason, and I'm not saying that to spare his feelings, we met when we were 16 there weren't very many before him and no one serious.

lost someone close to you?
My Dad, I was 19.

drank alcohol?
High school....Oh My Gosh, I hope my kids DON'T do what I did in High school.

got kissed?
5th grade, you think I would have turned into a slut, given I was so young, but it was just a peck on the cheek. First REAL kiss, Jason...well the kiss that mattered, the kiss that made my toes curl.

went to the hospital?
For myself? when I had babies.

smoked a cigarette?
High school...unfiltered Camels....yikes. I do not smoke now, though

broke a bone?

got a job?
High school

got cheated on?

rode the city bus?
a month old, my Dad took me into the city and I peed all over him. For some reason he loved that story.

went to a concert?
High school

Met someone famous?

Had a chance to meet Andy Garcia, but bailed. My parents knew his parents.

dyed your hair?
In my 20's

got your own cell phone?
In my 30's

snuck out the house?
Ummm, that would be High school again (seeing a trend?)

drove a car?

got your own digital camera?
2002 and Like Martha,I resisted, because I was very attached to Film!

how old are you now?


Anonymous said...


Fortune cookie says:

You are someone who is not seen as a flake.


~someone who...definitely comes across as, and okay, relatively speaking probably is kind of, flighty

Anonymous said...

(yes those last three lines were supposed to be my signature)

(now why do people get the idea that i have too much time on my hands? ;) )

tz said...

too much time....you should BLOG! and thanks for the vote of confidence but i'm pretty much a flake...i have very tolerent family and friends.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...yeah... i'll stick to commenting for now, but...definitely cool to keep up (sort of ;)) with yours!