Friday, February 09, 2007

This and That

The winning room on Top Design a couple days ago. It was a pretty neat pirate room, the little boy for whom it was designed, LOVED IT. One of the judges (meanie) thought it was 'over the top' but my thought is a kids' room SHOULD be over the top, whenever are they going to live a fantasy again? Of course Erik's back ground is in theatrical lighting and set design...And John is gone. He really boffed his assignment. Me-thinks he was overwhelmed by it all. He made a heart-breaking confession that he has HIV and was given testosterone shots to help with his energy level and that could be why he was a bit aggresive on episode one. It's insane that I like this show so much, I even stayed up til 1am to catch it. I need a life.
What's up with the whole letter verification thing on the comment section. How does that keep away people who shouldn't be commenting (not that I have those people). Do they assume that creepies can't recognize wiggly demented letters is there something in the brain of a homicidal maniac that can't decipher the letters? Hm, any thoughts? Or anyone know the reason for the letter verification? Oh oops, it IS called 'word verification' but those aren't words?
Microbiology....So last Tuesday we went out into the hallways and rooms of the school w/ a cotton swab to collect samples. I chose the vending machine....some of you may want to stop reading now....Yesterday, I check out my petri-dish and there are a few different types of microbes growing. YUCK. I'm going to isolate the nasty puffy white stuff (it was between that and some slimy yellow stuff) and hope to heaven it's not E. coli. One of my lab partners swabbed the milk steamer on the espresso machine at the little coffee hut, lots of things grew in her petri dish (benefit of a night course, everything's closed and you get the run of the place). Our next step is to isolate, grow whatever the stuff is in broth and get a good look at it under the microscope. Will keep you informed. I'm not sure I'll be using vending machines again though.


tz said...

Oh how weird, I complained about the word verification thing and it's off, this is a little creepy. hahaha

Martha said...

okqjmgThe word verification still lets creeps and pervs comment, but it supposedly keeps away the automatic "spam commenters" that look for certain words in your title and then a computer sends a comment automatically. Usually trying to sell you something. But, the computer generated auto reply can't read the verification. Or something geeky like that...I only sleep with a geek, not one myself.

Next time: try swabbing the bottom of your purse. Yeah is no wonder we all aren't sick all the time.

tz said...

oh how funny, one of my lab partners did swab the bottom of her purse...ICK...her sample turned GREEN someone else did the door handle and the fifth person had a sore throat and she swabbed herself.

ok now word verification makes sense! AND now it's back on.

Lisaopolis said...

dang, I missed Top Design, I have to get in to that. And my fridge is open any time for experimental microbe gathering...there's some stuff that's been in there for ages, which surprises me since I try to keep it cleaned out--but may I should say, no, I do it all IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE. At least it's not Scientology... And yeah, the verification thing is weird, as is signing in with Blogger and/or Google accounts. Homeland Security has it on like Donkey Kong...scary!

Anonymous said...

today i wanted to eat an apple after pumping gas and tried to deal with the lack of handwashing but pulling my sleeve over the gas pump...mmmm, what a nice smell to carry around ;P !

well lately i've been having to always do the word verification OVER...intrsting...Martha, thanks for shedding some light on it all!

L~ "on like Donkey Kong?" Help me understand!

Working Girl said...

Hey! Congrats on the 89! Micro is hard. When I took it, I swabbed the drinking fountain. I have NEVER drunk from one since -- and I'm not particularly germ phobic.

Anonymous said...

drinking fountain, yeah...for the past week, i've starting (and then stopping!) to picture the cultures living on things like:

my cell phone


debit card

buttons on the check out machine of grocery stores

...feeling grateful for my amazing immune system!