Saturday, February 24, 2007

knee deep in kleenix or confessions of a whiney baby

I'm feeling very pathetic and need all your sympathies! I have a cold. It is a bad one, the readings on the thermometer two nights ago and the presence of the 'big bowl' should be proof enough. But since I'm the mommy, the boys still got their sleepover last night, the laundry still got done and the bathrooms got half cleaned before I lost steam. Periodically I would lie on the couch or bed and moan for 15 or so minutes until the kids needed something they couldn't reach, mix or microwave on their own. Jason left last night to go snowmobiling with some nerds, oh oops I mean guys, from work. Bless his heart, he did offer to stay (I'm sure his fingers were crossed behind his back). I said, 'no'. Am I martyr? Or just someone who knows that her husband has been working ungodly hours at work, lots of people resigning on him, sales people wanting him to hire more people blah blah, it's been tough on him. Not to mention he's coming home early two times a week so I can take my class. He NEEDS this time off! He's been grouchy, so I know when he comes home he'll be lovey-dovey and relaxed. And frankly, it's just a cold!

And speaking of cold....I had the windows open yesterday, airing out the house, we were wearing short sleeves, no jackets, finally cleaned off all the dog poo that was frozen in ice on the patio (anything NOT on the patio is gonna be fertilizer). Wake up this morning and snow all over the place, everything's covered all over again. AHHHHH, we were just thawing out too. And now I have to shovel (hear the whine here) Did I mention I have a cold!

School...figured out that I have a 91% average, woo hoo. BUT, this next test is going to be a kicker, I mean it has all the DNA stuff. And as a nurse, why is DNA replication of bacteria important? I was looking over my notes and apparently when I'm confused I doodle. there are cartoon pictures of cross eyed people with question marks for hair. GREAT, that's going to be helpful.

Off to make breakfast for the boys and their guest and then to basketball for Jake and then study study study...wish me luck, and oh yes, feel very very sorry for me, I'm feeling pathetic and need happy good thoughts coming this way!


Martha said...

Ya could have told me to just "shut the front door, Chick". Oh no, you go and write a wonderful entry that makes me feel guilty for nagging you.

Hope you feel better. Do you need anything?

*ps, for those not up on Mommy Lingo "Shut the Front Door" is our way of saying "Shut the F Up". If you say it with the same tone, it does give you that same thrill without dropping the actual F-bomb.

tz said...

hahaha, I watched House last night (yes instead of studying, bad me) and apparently one of the symptoms of a lack of b12 is guilt...(there were others too, but i honed in on that one) so martha take you vitamen and i did need a push to blog, i've been unsinspired, it's good to nag! (really i'm convincing myself of the same thing!)

Lisaopolis said...

ew frozen dog poo...

Yeah, I've been feeling the same way with uni and the weather, but I don't have kids to look after so what am I complaining about?

Hang in there, hope you are feeling better. Try a Shower Soother, lol.