Sunday, February 04, 2007

Idiots are fun

Oh my gosh it's ME....Jason and I went to a marriage seminar yesterday. He's a guy who has written a lot of stuff and deals, I think, a lot with sexual addictions (not a problem in our house I would like to add...not that that makes us perfect or anything) anyhow, his name was Doug Weiss, been on Oprah, really really funny and amazingly that aside. He was giving different steps that you could do individually in your marriage to make your marriage better. He got to acts of service and I just perked up, this is EXACTLY what Jason needed to hear. After all I had just kvetched at him that morning about how the trashcans hadn't gone into the back yard yet, how the snow wasn't shoveled correctly blah blah blah, I was in a MOOD. So I figured obviously he was lacking in the whole acts of service thing....Then Dr. Weiss says (and I'm paraphrasing), "If you have a list of things your spouse isn't doing or needs to do, then you are the one with the lacking in service" He even threw in the ENTITLEMENT word. GASP. NO WAY. I mean have you SEEN my volunteer schedule? But you know he was RIGHT, gosh that was hard to say. Jason does do so much, not to mention he is the sole monetary provider for the family. And he hardly ever ever makes demands of me, hardly asks anything. So the thing I thought I had down is the thing I'm gonna work on first because Pride does kind of mess you up at times.

So at the end of the seminar Dr. Weiss started talking about his new book coming in November. He categorizes people into two different categories...and of course not everyone fits neatly into one or the other but can be predominately in one. Jason's was something to the effect of methodical, can't make decisions easily because he has to think through them....etc. Mine was more of a rapid fire thinker...quick but not always correct (well except in MY case, hahaha) really held onto ideas, didn't want to let them go etc...people who are good under pressure.... so while Jason and I are listening to these things, I was thinking "wow these people must be really fun people to be around I'm so glad I'm one of these" and Jason was sitting in his seat, very uncomfortable, thinking, "Gosh I hope he's not hurting these guys feelings, he's being so harsh" HAHAHAH, we are so different.

Love this quote: Idiots are fun, every village wants one. From the show House.


Colleen O said...

Oh dear, so, what do you think he'd say to this; I think the main reason I want to go back to school and to work is so that I can feel entitled to feel entitled!!! That's the biggest perk. Thanks for the tip, now I know not to read any of HIS books.

tz said...

yay, you're back!

Anonymous said...

cool to read! (not sure how long it takes my friends to learn that i'm... pretty sporadic).'re taking biology, I must read to catch up!