Thursday, February 08, 2007

woo hoo

I guess I didn't bomb the test...89%, almost an A...I still have no idea how that happened though.


Anonymous said...

when you figure out why your predictions were so far off from your actual result, do tell! did the test cover material you didn't expect or was there something off about the testing process or what?

years ago i took the gre and time, i'll bring a watch (i expected there to be a clock but there wasn't one...funnnn)

Martha said... you are one of those types, eh? Can't tell your own strengths. Seriously, glad to hear you did fine and hope this eases your mind a bit and you can get back to learning instead of fretting.

tz said...

Hi Anne! The GRE terrifies me...I'm actaully pretty scared to take the NYCLEX, nursing licsensing...but that's a couple years a way...hopefully I'll remember the watch thing.

tz said...

M...fretting is so much FUN and I do it so well!

Gina Grace said...

Great job!!!