Saturday, July 21, 2007

I must laugh all the time

OK, so I just think my husband is so funny and's one reason why:

Yesterday we went to the neighborhood park for a cookout with our out-of-town friends and all of our combined children (by the way their kids are adorable!) When we get there we see that it's been taken over by this huge gathering of people. There's still one grill left and so we decide to proceed anyway. Jason tries to light the coals but the lighter doesn't work and frankly the wind is just a tad too strong (common for Colorado). So one of the guys from the gathering, who brought his own grill offers his up as they were done cooking....very nice and neighborly. Turns out it was a gathering of the local Mormon Ward. Whenever we've had contact with our Mormon neighbors they all do seem very warm and welcoming. So Jason's grilling away and the pastor (I actually think they're called bishops) comes up to Jason and introduces himself, and said to Jason, "I don't think I've actually met/seen you before" Of course the guy assumed Jason was part of the invited without missing a beat, Jason says:
"That's because I always sit in the back"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I laugh all the time, he's got such a great wit and sense of humor, he just fills my life with joy.

So it's not like the Mormons have a yellow .... hmm what would their equivalent to a Star of David be....anyway, yellow whatever stitched to their coats so I really don't know which neighbor goes to that church, but after yesterday I recognized many a mom from school. We mingled, had a good time even if we were uninvited (community park by the way, it's not like we wandered into someone's back yard). As we left, I said to Jason, "what does it mean when we know more people from the Mormon church then we do from our own?"

I have my thoughts, but better left for a more serious post....

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Martha said...

And way better than the last time you blogged about JZ and his chip sniffing comparisons! :)