Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What to read, what to read??

Two more weeks, two more weeks....woo hoo. I'll have just time enough to read one juicy, without thought, totally trashy novel before my next set of classes....but which one? I haven't read one in so long....so, I'm asking for recommendations! And I know you read a lot of blogs out there buzzing about Harry and while I have nothing against Harry, Like Martha, I need to catch up on Harry and since nursing school starts in the fall, this will not be possible.

Here's the criteria:
Fun characters
No One dies
Mystery and a touch of romance ok but not essential
Can be read on a plane while keeping an 8 and 4 year old quiet
AND absolutely none of my brain synapses must fire while reading the book, they need rest!

Looking forward to hearing any suggestions.....


Martha said...

I really like Plantation a Low country tale by Dorthea Benton Franks. It's been my favorite chic lit read of late. Have you ever read The Other Bolyn girl? that's another great read and a bit more "hip" to be reading something that is recognized by bookclubs around the country as being a worthwhile read. Plantation is a bit more fluff for bookclubs I guess. :)

There is also Angry HOusewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna L? That makes for mindless reading but with a story that holds your interest.

tz said...

i've read angry housewives...loved it! and totally cried...someone DID die

Martha said...

Well...ok, even in Plantation there is some crying going on but sometimes a good cry is just what the nurse needs, ok? :)

Colleen O said...

Janet Evanovich? I just borrowed about five you could have your pick. If you don't know her Stephanie Plum, she's a funny just trying to make ends meet bounty hunter. She makes me giggle, and you can read them in about a day.

I've cracked open my second HP this summer. My office may never get done!

Working Girl said...

Those are pretty stringent guidelines. Here are some books I read after I broke my foot that I liked: The Last Chinese Chef by Nicole Mones. Lost in Translation by same author. (totally different in every way from the movie) Shoot, I can't remember the titles of anything else -- Oh Notting Hell was sorta funny if you're a bit of an anglophile...The Society of S was ok. Don't read Ghostwalk it will just piss you off. Oh! Wait! The Thirteenth Tale -- it might be just what the nurse ordered! Mystery, no death -- at least not much...no trashy, though. I'm not big on trashy anymore.

Aimee said...

I agree with Miss Colleen. Janet Evanovich is a good read and normally only the bad guys die.

Colleen O said...

lot of people dieing in HP! I am close to finishing the 3 in one summer. I think I read the first 4 in one summer as well. (I would make great OCD.)