Sunday, July 01, 2007


Coincidences, I'm really fascinated by them. I love it when people use them in books and movies....those chance happenings where so many things have to fall in place for one significant thing to happen or the same thing happening to two different people and different places, times whatever. Randomness? Some weird cosmic pattern we mere mortals can't see?

Here are my two recent experiences from the 'wow that was weird' files:

The other day I was in the school library printing off the PowerPoint presentations for my patho class. I screwed up and instead of doing 6 slides to a page I printed out one 'cell' per page so had like 40 pages. I went to the front desk to pay for it and to ask if they have a more industrial stapler. She opened the drawer and I saw my cell phone....I had NO idea it was lost, I just thought it was immersed in the clutter of my phone is easily recognizable because the antennae is exposed as I dropped it awhile ago and the casing fell off....

so many things had to fall in place for me to find a phone I didn't even know was lost..I mean I KNOW how to print 6 cells to a page, I just pushed print before I reconfigured....


Next story
Jake needed stitches last night....He's okay. He was jumping around on wet concrete showing his cousin what he was going to do when he got his trampoline (our first trampoline injury and we don't even one yet); then he slipped and fell on his chin. Four stitches later and doing fine we took him by his grandmother's to show her and his aunt and uncle that he was fine (this happened at his cousin's birthday party). She reminds Jason that on his 8th birthday he needed stitches...Jake is two days away from his 8th birthday....We should ask if Jason's father needed stitches around that time...maybe there's a curse against the Zimmer boys, passed back from their European days where when the boys turn 8 something happens? Just another weird thing with no explanation...

Anyone else out there with weird coincidences? A cascade of events that have to occur for one thing to happen?


Martha said...

Glad to hear he's ok.
My favorite coincidence has to be when my friends Jane and Larry were visiting MD when I was having a party. It was mostly just girls getting together to watch tv (I seem to enjoy this concept). Larry asked if I minded if his friend came over while us women yapped. Yeah, whatever. 13 plus years later, I'm still pretty grateful that Larry was in town when I was having a party, and knew he'd be bored so he had the nerve to ask his friend, CPT Chang to join him while the women folk yapped. :)

Martha said...

MD= Maryland. Where I was living at the time and Jane's mom lived nearby. They were actually only passing through that one night.

3 years before that, I'd told my neighbor at the time Larry "hey, you should meet my friend Jane, I work with her, she's real nice". Between the two couples, there have been 4 kids born and 28 years of marriage all because of a couple coincidences!

tz said...

I KNOW how cool is that! I'm glad you and Dom met too!

Amanda said...

Coincidences? Well, just thought I'd hop over to your blog (so as not to hijack the comment thread on Mostly True Stories) and let you know that for the science classes, the way you mentioned this material is like a foreign language to you?

That's how I broke the science and math wall with myself. I just looked at it as another language I had to learn. It's just what worked for me... maybe that might help?

Also, I was a legal secretary back in the day, before I decided that it was driving me out of my mind (criminal, family, and child welfare cases).

So that last part, plus the English part, would be a couple of interesting coincidences (see, I tied it into this thread and everything!).