Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I should post....

Okay, I've been studying up a storm and have two papers to write TODAY but thought I'd blog anyway...always in the mood for some procrastination....Here's what's been going on:

Forgot brother's and new sister-in-law's bdays, sent them lame emails, gifts were bought a while ago (along with a housewarming gift) all scattered around the house and my car. I did also purchase wrapping paper, I am that much closer to getting gifts mailed out....I do believe wedding gift (coming up in a couple of weeks) will be mailed from the registry or cash.

I'm getting a B in Patho...yeah, you read it right, a B....worked my hiney off (actually I think I worked a couple extra pounds ON ---I'm not one of those, oh I'm so stressed I lose weight kinda gals) I just have to keep it up (A&P is also a B) TWO MORE WEEKS TO GO.

I got nominated for a schmooze award...who knew that being so chatty would get me nominated for anything, glad it finally paid off, usually I just got told to be quiet and let the other students learn.

We're having friends come in tomorrow from Indiana. Very excited to see them and meet their daughter. They used to live here but moved back to Indiana to be near their family.

And, heard on the news today that Colorado got their anti-terror budget upped by a few mill. Orlando lost a couple mill. So does this mean we need it more because we are a target? And/Or even terrorists think that Disney World is the happiest place on Earth too?

Alright alright, I'm going to go write my papers now, one is on damage after therapeutic hypothermia. I promise if you're really nice I'll post it. Grin.


Colleen O said...

You are very schmoozerific! And now you have an award to prove it. I followed your link, and saw in her blog roll "At Your Cervix" - I didn't go to it, but I just wanted to say those nurses are a pretty funny lot.

Congratulations on your B - Hey, I got my acceptance letter to Regis this morning! woo who!

Martha said...

I'm sorry Colleen, but gotta agree with you, I'd stay away from any chick that bragged about being "at my cervix"...I don't play for THAT team, thank you very much.

*yep, when we aren't trying to gross out our friends with the "bodily fluids" one-up man ship (Oh yea, I had a lady puke, pee and poop on me after her IV popped squirting blood all over da place), we can be a funny bunch.

And now back to TZ: way to go on the B and the Schmooze. We're so proud of you!

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Let me try this one more time (I might have mentioned on my blog once or four times that I over-edit...)

TZ, congrats on the "B" in patho!

And for anyone who is concerned about my blogroll having "At Your Cervix" listed... oh dear. Goodness gracious, she's a Labor and Delivery RN!

Remember those labor checks? LOL... that would be the reason for the name, nothing more, nothing less. Another reason AYC is on my blogroll is that she's just gone through weight loss surgery, and weight loss of all kinds is an interest of mine, especially considering my own journey of this past year.

Again, TZ, congrats on the B in patho. Shoot, physics busted my brain... can't imagine what bio science would do to it at this point!

tz said...

i liked at your cervix, ended up putting her on my blog roll too...enjoyed her stories...i actually want to be a L&D nurse so enjoy reading those posts myself!

Love nursing humor, it's why martha and i get along so well!