Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So my Friday test....BOMBED IT...and I'm not talking, "oh poor me I got a 90" I mean I really bombed it, I got a 78, which is still passing but with very little wiggle room (anything below a 77 is failing). It could be worse, half the class failed it and no, they don't curve.

Then I had my clinicals this weekend. 13 hours on my feet each day for two days straight. My clinical instructor is ....hmmmmm....a hard a**. I'm actually OK with that, because she's very good at what she does and expects the best from her students and I think you learn the most from people like that. I, of course, dropped one of the meds...on the floor and the look on her face...well, won't be getting a satisfactory on meds my first weekend out. My patient was great and she loved me, told me I was going to be a good nurse. Her family was awesome too, the daughters even invited me out for beer (which I didn't do -- because you're not supposed to develop a personal relationship with your patients or families -- and for someone with boundary issues...ME....I even get that....but it was nice to be invited). Here's the scary thing about my clinical...the thing that made me spray every inch of the house with Lysol (and I don't need the lecture on super bacteria now, I know, and after I tell you you'll understand why I was so liberal with the anti microbials) every other patient on the floor had VRE or MRSA. I am so going to find a place in the garage for my nursing shoes and start disrobing in there and going straight to the showers....BLEK.

And on top of it all, Isaac is sick, so I've been getting up at odd hours of the night, Jason's had to take off work, I have to read my book, snuggled next to him while he's watching Sponge Bob...so we'll see how I do on my test this week.

Even with all my complaining and my apparent academic retardeness, I LOVE IT. It's so much fun. Half the students in my clinical rotation are questioning themselves and I didn't do that once. Whew, because this is a lot of time, money and stress to wonder if I'm doing the right thing.

I need to go catch up on you guys now!


Martha said...

One step at a time...one test at a time, one patient at a time. The journey is long if you look at the entire course, but just taking it all as it comes makes it a do-able project. Let me know if you ever need me to come over and quiz you (but first i"ll put on my hazmat suit!...seriously, it was my germaphobe husband that seemed to catch every germ I brought home.

Gina Grace said...

Hey- you PASSED it didn't you?? Way to go!

Anonymous said...

I am in the first class of Baby Boomers (BB's are born from '46 to '64) and I want to say thank you for caring enough to become a nurse, because when we BB's start getting very old and sick, we are going to need LOTS of you nurses and doctors to take care of us! Keep up the good work. As Gina said, "You passed!" Good enough - congratulations! You'll do fine.

Scott said...

Well, you did pass. I just took my first nursing test. 75 is the lowest we can get. I got a 74. So my projected grade in the class is an F. And what's worse, the teacher told us that most of us did bad, but she won't show us any sttistics or skews. I want to know if I was on the "good side" of bad in relation to my classmates or not! I'm just a little disappointed and not worried. Right now we are doing the "fu-fuey" stuff of nursing (theories, etc.). I know I will always do better when the tests are on science and patient care.

Sitting In Silence said...

Congratulations TZ...A pass is a pass !

Hope your little man is feeling better. Poor little darling.

Clinical....argh....now I so hear you on this one. I am still having nightmares about my last placement.

All the best x