Friday, January 25, 2008

Wish Me Luck, Pray for Me...whatever, any nice thoughts are welcome

I have my first Med-surg test today. Rumor has it that the average score on this test is a 68...keep in mind, in this program anything below a 77 is failing. There are three people in my class now that failed last semester (the other three that failed, decided not to come back)Needless to say I AM FREAKING's what the test is covering:
electrolytes (normal values, what your signs and symptoms are if they are too low or high and what do you do about it)
acid-base balance
blood disorders
blood transfusions...and what can go wrong and what to do about it
Immunity, humoral and cell mediated and know all the antibodies and which ones do what...
Immune deficiencies
Upper and Lower respiratory problems and what to do and what to recognize.

So, around 8:30 am Mountain Standard, please please send prayers, good vibes, well wishes, Buddhist chants this way....there's only so much reading, studying, hitting my head against a wall I can do...

I'll let you know how I did later...oh, but my clinicals start tomorrow at 6:30 I might not update until Monday....yeah, I got the short straw...12 hour shift clinicals Saturday and Sunday (hope God understands---I'll be doing a lot of praying, given how hard this class is, but won't be visiting for a few weeks...).


Martha said...

Good Luck!
I'll be thinking of you...and really I think that is too much to cover on one test. Baby steps...master one subject then add to that...but until I'm queen of the universe, who is going to listen to me?

Nope, weekend NIGHTS is the short straw!

Anonymous said...

...hope your weekend- work goes well, too!


Colleen O said...

I've been hearing you wrong all this time. I thought it was "med search".

That's probably why I made the right choice - nursings probably not for the "hyper, hypo - whatever, close enough" likes of me.

Sitting In Silence said...

Good Luck TZ, I will be thinking of you.

I so know what exam time is major headache.

Keep us posted on your results x

Average Scrapper said...

Whew, that is a super busy schedule! I have been thinking of you all weekend. What days do you have class? Would a sanity lunch break help at all?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't stop by sooner, so may prayers could have been better timed.

I will pray that all went well and will look forward to hearing the great report tommorrow.

Scott said...

How did you do? You are in SECOND semester? Lucky! I'm totally freaking out and I'm only in first!

Colleen O said...

Did you make it? We missed u!

Sitting In Silence said...

Any update?....