Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

napping kiddo (not feeling that great)
A match made in heaven
(as I've mentioned before, fixerupper, nasty tile will be gone sometime this summer)


Unknown said...

I dont feel good either, can I take a nap??????? LOL

Nice dog!

Come check out my butt kicking post for today!

Martha said... oldest is also taking a nap and I"m dying to join him!

Dodi said...

Hope he's better soon!

Hey, how do I know if I have an ovarian cyst? (Yes, I know it's a little off the subject, but you're in nurses training now - and you'll be asked questions like that all the time pretty soon.)

Sitting In Silence said...

Oh I hope napping kiddo is ok.

Both your boys are so cute !! not to mention the woofa !