Monday, May 21, 2007

blog challenge love/hate

love/hate with the 5 senses

the SIGHT of my front garden and porch in the spring with everything blooming.
the SMELL of hazelnut coffee brewing in the morning.
the TASTE Anthony's cheese pizza with an extra dash of garlic powder.
the SOUND of the waves hitting the rocks on the Pacific Coast or a full rushing creek in the Rocky Mountains
the FEEL of a cool brisk mornings in the Fall, just before it gets really cold.

the SIGHT of someone in pain, emotionally or physically
the SMELL of swampy standing water....GAG, ick
the TASTE of my mouth when I have a really bad cold....again, GAG
the SOUND of someone yelling at the kids, not in the regular 'I've just had it' but those deep hurtful life altering things.
the FEEL of losing my temper with the children and seeing their little perplexed faces!

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Colleen O said...

wow - I'm so easily distracted, I was going to comment, but now I need to see what HTML tag (b) or (i) or (a) looks like when you use them.

Sorry, I just haven't had any of your yummy smelling coffee this morning so I'm not functioning at 100% yet!

(your HTML cannot be accepted, tag is not closed; (a) ooh, now it won't even let me publish it without changing the < to (.
See, I learned something new there.