Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm an idiot

I was talking to my sis-in-law and she asked if I realized that the whole Landover church thing was a joke...I HAD NO IDEA. I was sent only the letter (linked below), didn't see much else on the website because I thought it was serious and was so horrified I didn't want to stay on the website any longer...My Bad. I got back on to the home page and it's sort of like a religious Onion (a fun publication). So my 'shame on you' letter from a couple posts ago makes absolutely no sense! The sad thing is you hear about people who really think that people are deserving of God's wrath in that horrific way. My believing that made me realize: one, I probably am more naive then I'd like to believe and two, I'm also a bit more cynical about people then I thought...kind of oxymoronish, emphasis on moron...

I have so many things on my 'list' for the three weeks that I'm off before school starts again that I feel overwhelmed and as such have nothing done! I woke up at three in a panic and have managed to clean the kitchen! I'm going to try and get the first floor spic and span and the laundry finished today so that I can concentrate on the Herculean task of my study and gasp...going through the kids clothes and finding out what they've grown out of and what they need for the summer. Oh and putting chicken wire along the fence line, because cute, adorable Hannah is trying to dig her way out of the yard and into her 'boyfriend's' Chance's yard. Chance's parents not to happy because Chance is not a digger. Not one of our prouder doggie parent moments. The trainer did tell us if we put chicken wire down, she won't dig in those spots and she suggested that we make her a digging spot, so that's on the list for this weekend.

Of course, to make this all harder, Jason's under some serious pressure at work and has been working late and is going out of town in a couple of weeks --DC, oh maybe he can visit my brother and sis in law (not same sis in law mentioned above).

There you go a boring post about how stressed, naive and cynical I am. Aren't you glad you stopped by.
Next post, pictures.


Colleen O said...

OK, i think the misspelling gave it away! They were done way to phonetically correct to be real bone head misspellings!

Next time you think your an idiot, just turn on Maury Povich for a few minutes. You'll feel alot better.

Martha said...

Ok, I admit, I saw your Church rant and assumed it was that idiot (a legit. religious weirdo) that protests the funerals of military. Too many weirdo zealots for me to keep track of...the spoof jesus freaks get mixed in with the real ones. No worries.

Now, go make something of your day. And if that doesn't work, pretend your daddy is coming to visit. That works wonders for me! :)

tz said...

i did make something of my day..i napped when the kids were in preschool! bad mommie! the sad thing is i was STILL tored afterwards and was still cranky with the kids!