Friday, May 18, 2007

Lindsey needs another birthday party

Uh-oh, Hannah had Isaac's favorite teddy bear, Junie, for a mid morning snack yesterday.

Poor Junie has no eyes or ears anymore. Isaac made him at a Build a Bear birthday party last March (Lindsey's birthday party). Given how upset he was I kept myself from saying, "And that's why you don't leave your stuffed animals in the Family room" Pat on back for good mother moment.

Not sure you can see the big crocodile tear here. He was so upset at one point, in Isaac drama fashion, he started shaking Junie, yelling, "Speak to me. Speak to me" I thought he might throw the bear down and start preforming chest compressions.

Abi, wanting to make things better declares, "Well, Lindsey just needs a new birthday party"

All is forgiven

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Martha said...

Yep, I like Abi's solution! But that's whay makes her Abi!!!!! Amazing Abi!

And Mr. Zac, it's ok...these are the events that if they don't kill you, will make you stronger! How's that for crappy parental wisdom???????????????????