Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Whose Kid is That Anyway

Look how sweet he looks, how could he be so devilish??????
What a goofball!

It was a full day yesterday. Jake stayed home sick, stomach issues. Took Jason to the airport the little ones to preschool, Jake then to the doctor. Turns out he has acid reflux, sheesh, he's only seven. Then went to the soccer league office and signed them both up for soccer. Where they date and stamped my application, wanted the boys birth certificates and some hefty size checks...who knew soccer was such a big deal. As I left the office I overheard two women talking about coaches and whose team was better and what position their kids played etc. Am I cut out to be a soccer mom? yikes. So then go pick up the other kiddos at school. Since Jake wasn't sick sick took him to baseball, then got the kids hair cut, went to Anthony's Pizza....and here's where it gets interesting.

I'm putting together the box for our left over pizza, Jake, the waitress and I are all right there. I feel Isaac climbing on the chair behind me, I assume to pounce on me and demand a piggy back ride so I don't pay much attention to him and concentrate on the box (my bad) all of the sudden there's this weird alarm sound and flashing lights...ISAAC SET OFF THE FIRE ALARM. The girls behind the counter call 911 to tell them it's a false alarm but the firemen have to come anyway and they asked that we stay there too. So the firemen come bringing axes and the rest of the gear (the boys were in awe). They don't have the right key for the fire alarm box and so we stay out there another 10 minutes or so until they get it all off. They they ask who did it, we all point to Isaac (I might add that Jake was the most gleeful about pointing out it was his brother). Isaac puts on his most pitiful face (and he's quite good at that) and the older fireman there tells him the importance of not doing things like that and if anything looks quite that good and fun to play with he should ask his family first. When he's done, Isaac asks if he's going to go to jail. A couple of the other firemen and some of the kitchen staff who were outside for a bit had to turn their heads to keep from laughing.
Oh my, the things they DON'T tell you about the joys of being a mom.

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Aimee said...

Okay, you win. I thought my day was bad yesterday, but you take the cake. I can always count on my friends to be there when the chips are down. Hopefully today went better.