Friday, May 04, 2007

i'm obsessing!

ok, I've re-added (for the fourth time) and I'm at 88% NOT 89% and now won't feel so bad about missing that A by only .003 of a percentage point. It's a good healthy grade for a hard class.

Really I'm done, totally, I know you don't believe me, but now I have TWO whole new classes to obsess about!


Martha said...

Just kidding, i know how it is, you put in a lot of work and you really want to see the end result reflect in that. Yeah, a B is definetly a great grade but sometimes you just really want that A!

Martha said...

I came over here looking for you to-do list. Where is it? Don't tell are actually doing it? That is so wrong, so very wrong. I might just have to pull your membership from ParkView Procrastination Club (that would be the PP Club...where we laugh until we pee-pee, which at my age, doesn't really take much)

tz said...

oooh, nooo, i spent the day at heritage square with the kiddos and jason...a family day to celebrate the end of the semester...of course MY idea of celebration would have been antiquing on broadway, but no one was up for that...too much testosterone in this house.

Colleen O said...

OOH! I'll go antiquing! (But you know me, I'll go anywhere.) I say good for you for showing up - and getting a B+