Sunday, May 27, 2007


Jason and I have this thing where we end up going places that are closed. When we took the family to South Dakota it was about a week too late and except for Mt. Rushmore everything else was closed. When we went to Madrid some of the places we really wanted to see were closed (note, if you go to Madrid, almost everything is closed Sunday and Monday). We still had good times, we ended up taking a tour to Toledo and loved it! Two nights ago we started our weekend getaway with a massage, dinner and then a nice night time drive to the Springs. Saturday morning we wake up and decide to go to the art museum (something we could do with out the kids more enjoyably) which is about 1/2 a mile away (from the hotel) walking along a street with some great old houses in craftsman and Victorian styles. We get there and it's closed (nothing on the website indicating that it was closed by the way). We just had to laugh, our luck. So we went shopping. We found a specialty shoe shop and I got some Dainskos which I keep reading is pretty essential for nursing (or any job where you are on your feet a lot), Jason picked up some hiking sandals. We checked out some neat antique shops with some northern European, wish I had a few extra dollars to spend there! We ate lunch at the hole in the wall Persian place, best hummus ever. They spiced it with something called sumac, I think they may have roasted their garlic too before mixing it in the hummus. We came back and took a THREE HOUR NAP. Dinner at this great German Place Edelweiss lots of rustic charm and live polka music. OK, about to get politically incorrect here....Jason's last name is Zimmer, German for room. So when we made the reservation the lady, in her German accent told Jason, 'oooh, nice German name'. When he got off the phone he said maybe we'll get a discount. I replied, "doubtful, their people burned your people" He did laugh (we're warped I KNOW) and replied "well I'll just get them back by being rude" (which is impossible for Jason to do!). But really the food was great, and the people there very hospitable!
Then we came back to the hotel, drank some wine, 7 Deadly Zins, (not bad and I'm not a fan of reds, the sweeter the better for me, which makes me so NOT a wine person) sat in the hot tub awhile and fell asleep again.

A weekend away with two stressed out people apparently involves a lot of sleep....and that's okay!


Colleen O said...

Our anniversary is usually the first day of hunting season. (Also the week where all the summer season stuff is closed.) But, as you said, that can be a good thing!

Happy Anniversary!

Martha said...

If JayZ got a discount for having a German name, tell him I want to know the secret! I've been paying full price for my Chinese meals for years! :)

Naps, eh? somehow I should muster up some silly, 8th grader like comment...but the sad thing is, I know how tired you've been lately so I"m guessing naps it was!

And Colleen, remember you can always count on me to celebrate your anniversary with you at Archivers! :)

Aimee said...

I know how you feel. We always hit the "season" a week early/late and everything is closed. Hope you had a great time.

Happy Anniversary!