Monday, June 25, 2007

curious kids

I should be happy that my child wants to learn new things, see what happens if (fill in blank), and all the other stuff parents say about curious children....but have you ever had to clean goo out of a freezer? The other day Jake decided that he would put a half finished glass bottle of orange soda, filled with a bunch of jelly beans into the freezer to see what would happen. I think it may be a physics thing, not sure, maybe chemistry???? but what happened is that the bottle exploded and nasty greenish thing globby goo went all over the freezer. How I found it? I went to get a nice cup of cold ice water and instead of ice in my cup I got green sludge, it was right out of a science fiction movie, involving Blob and/or nuclear waste in the title. He was, I must add, quite proud of himself.
Sometimes you just gotta laugh.....which brings me to my next picture, I'm so excited how the clematis vine is working. I put in one of those garden chachkees and the vine grew nicely around that; very picturesque if I do say so myself...pat on back.

AND....I so need it, I failed another Patho test and this time I put in about 50 hours of study time in two weeks. The class average is D- (for the class, not just the tests) so I tell myself it's not me...but really would anyone else believe that about themselves? I can't imagine I'm harder on myself then other people are? You should see the discussion board online, people are LIVID. I'm more of the beat myself up and be sad type myself so I'm self editing my comments on the discussion board....I'm looking at the bright side and being grateful that I only ate 5 oreos instead of the whole entire package of them.


Martha said...

See, if you'd known ya'll were all destined to fail, no matter how many hours you put into studying, you would have cropped more, right?

Seriously, hang in there. You are already accepted into the program of your choice. In the grand scheme of things, this is pretty small.

Now that fridge disaster...that would have had me eating the whole package of oreos for sure!

tz said...

I SO would have hung w/ you guys and gotten a few more pages done then gone and studies...and here I thought I was being so responsible.

Colleen O said...

OOOH! I had a viseral reaction to your freezer photos. It reminds me of the ziplocks full of whatever it was "the experiment" - per Caitlin. I did manage to throw it out before the bag burst. (They were really upset with me.) I believe those came from YOUR HOUSE!

And I cringe for you at the test score. Surely you can convince yourself it's not you! At least if it is you, you have lots of company.