Friday, June 22, 2007

In fear of reciprocal sassy comments

I better blog before Ms. Martha gets on me....after all I just made a sassy comment on hers and she emailed me and of course HAS already posted pictures of our beautiful children (see her blog, link below) on their last days of FIRST GRADE, can you believe it!

I am off to a crafty weekend and a celebration of a friend's 40th...woo hoo, can I add, one more year for me...not yet there, I will most likely mention that to said friend, probably more than once, because, well, I can be a snot! It's amazing anyone likes me.

BUT...Jake and I had a wonderful post first grade lunch at PF Changs (no relation to our friends the Changs) and discussed his whole year, his recap was in two sentences..."yeah, I liked writing and gym. Mr. Kampling was a good teacher." Hmmmm. Strong silent type? He excelled in gym....hmmm, eyesbrows raised, whose kid is HE?

ok, gotta go pick the kiddos up and then I'm outta here.

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