Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh Ann do you have to be so MEAN?

I'm sure you've all heard by now the little nastiness that happened between Coulter and Mrs. Edwards when Mrs. Edwards politely asked to keep her dead kid out of the mudslinging in an unsolicited and unknown to John Edwards call to Hardcopy. Coulter, in a very 7 year old way (I say this because my 7 year old uses the same huffy end of argument approach himself), says (and this isn't verbatim, but close) "Well, I guess Elizabeth Edwards doesn't want me to invoke my 1st amendment rights and speak"....UMMM, Mrs. Edwards didn't tell her to shut up, she just said keep it away from her children....a reasonable request.

I love hearing reasonable dialogue of reasonable people on both sides of the issue, it helps me clarify my own position. I'm not even a proponent of Edwards, have really nothing against the guy, just not sure he has what we need for the commander and chief. I just don't think saying things like "hope Edwards gets killed in an assassination attempt" does much to help us think about the issues, it just riles people up and REALLY do we need to be riled up like that? How about getting riled up about REAL issues. Which I won't go into because we all have our own picks....and Coulter should pick one and use her writing talent to win people over to whatever issue she lands on....but lady I can't listen to the name calling, the mean digs and the little whiny huffs claiming that she was just told not to speak when she was just told to leave the very personal, very painful death of a child out of small, personal, insignificant to the presidential race, piece of information....

OK, normally don't get political, not that kind of gal, but I got pissed....a disclaimer here, not really caring who believes in what. I really think we are blessed to live in a country where our beliefs are our own and we should be respectful in sharing those beliefs with others and respectful in hearing them. I don't think it gives us a license to go to the unreasonable, unkind and personally painful depths that Coulter just did.

Now that that's out of the way...about ME.
I went to the professor's office (who is btw also the head of the science dept.) He was not there, but there were two teary eyed students waiting for him. I pulled up a chair and asked "Patho test" two nods yes. Both failed also (one failing the other assignments that sucks). Another one of the profs comes walking by, we mention our prof. not there. He looks at us and you can so tell he wants to escape....but we, being desperate, corner him. They are dropping a couple of the questions BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT IN OUR READING and they still have to grade the short answer portion, so maybe I didn't fail? Maybe I got a D. I did show Prof my notes as proof I was studying.....get this, he says I'M STUDYING TOO HARD. Huh?

But really, why study, I think I could have done better with the close your eyes and pick, or there hasn't been a choice 'b' in awhile I'll choose 'b' method, then actually learning the stuff....He mentioned something about resting your brain and giving it a chance for the info to absorb and the whole study smarter not more...seems a bit fishy, but he's a neurologist so he may know of what he is speaking.

I go study now...wish me luck.


Martha said...

As for your rant, I'm thinking that she's not very bright and thus that's why she says/does stupid things...don't they call that deflection? For if she really knew her stuff and had adequate debate skills she wouldn't have to resort to the "slap attack" style which makes everyone cringe.

As for your study skills: does he want sworn affidavits that you tried to mix business and pleasure this weekend and still came up short on the test? Sheesssh...I so sorry...

Colleen O said...

I just read a comment comparing AC to Paris Hilton - I have more respect for PH, and she doesn't expect people to listen to her polical views - surely she has some? one? She makes Howard Stern seem reasonable and compasionate. But, somebody is buying her books! Lots of somebodies. That's what makes me afraid.

Working Girl said...

don't get discouraged!