Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Is it Wednesday already?

Wow, what a week, it already feels like the end of the week to me and it's only Wednesday morning. As you all know I bombed (I mean REALLY) my first test in patho. I've been getting emails from fellow online-classmates that I may not be the only one...can you say CURVE, cross your fingers! A& those two tests (Monday for lecture and Tuesday for Lab)....I'm pretty sure I did well (woo hoo). So now I'm catching up with laundry. My life is so freaking exciting, why do I even blog?

OK, so the fun stuff. We got together last night and watched the first show of the Big Love season. Thank you Shaina for use of your home and TIVO. We did have our resident (though monogamous) Mormon help us out with some of the terminology, like 'Priesthood Holder????' The man of the house who is responsible for the spiritual well being of his family. The meaning of being 'sealed' and that you can actually be 'unsealed' and it costs a lot less then a Catholic annulment. But she did not know the origin of Jack Mormon (the meaning we all knew as a Mormon by culture but not by faith, like a Christmas/Easter Christian, Yom Kippur Jew or a Cafeteria Catholic...Martha looked it up on Wikipedia (LOVE Wiki) -- has something to do with the sympathisers in Jackson County, MO. So who knew a group of suburban housewives getting together to watch a cable evening soap opera got a little book learnin'.

The thing I took away from the show was how we sometimes think others are thinking badly of us, but in truth they're so worried about what you are thinking of THEM. It kind of boils down being so scared of looking badly to others that you don't realize everyone has the same fear. Even insecurities can be a little narcissistic.

ok, my deep thought for the day. Gotta get back on the study bandwagon.


Martha said...

Gosh: you and Colleen..quit with the serious stuff, ok? Nah...just teasing...Colleen is talking tats these days.

Hang in there on the school stuff! I'd suck as your tutor but I can be your cheerleader, ok?
GO Tracey Go Tracey!

Colleen O said...

Worse! It's already Thursday! (And yet better because 6 MORE DAYS!) I wonder if someone who gets summeritis so bad should really be a teacher? At least I'll be able to have a true connection with the kiddos.

The fun filled activities every night are making it easier to deal with. Look out, monday the 25th I may come ring your door bell 20 times to see if you can play. No? . . . 1 minute later. . . How about now? hahahaha

Martha said...

With any luck on the 25th, at least us mommies will be coping with "too much croppin"!

Six more days...and yet, still I could so let the boys play hookey today because I'm just in that mood.

Bad Mommy!
And here is Tracey's Morning cheer:
2-4-6-8...who do we appreciate TRACEY...our soon to be medical expert!

Dodi said...

You know, I'm getting the feeling that this Big Love thing might become a bit like a book club. (albeit a book club for those of us who have ADD and need to watch our stories via tivo... but you get the point. If the bible had cliff's notes I'd own them!)

Dodi said...

Oh, and Tracey... I have a rash. Could you check it out for me? Martha is tired of being "nurse on call"!


Better luck you your next test! I'm rooting for you!

tz said...

thanks guys!
Martha will need to continue to be med expert for awhile!!!
and frankly, with test scores like these, would you trust my opinion..haha

Colleen O said...

There may not be cliff notes, but there is "The Bible for Dumbies"