Friday, June 29, 2007

ooooh projects

I don't have many talents...but one talent I have is stealing other people's ideas...(I will give them credit, Dodi and Martha) At another friend's 40th birthday they came up with this idea of making t-shirts for her kids to wear coming out of school. So I made up some t-shirts for Katrina's 40th and here they are (she doesn't read my blog...shame on her, so it's safe to post before her party).

Other stuff We've done and I forgot to post pictures in the past few months:
One whole scrapbook layout completed with journaling and everything...have other pages completed without journaling, but this one was all done...woo hoo. Martha was doing a challenge off of a scrap booking idea website and I decided to join in...I guess I need homework assignments for my crafts too...BTW love scrap booking weekends away with my buddies (just wish BFF, Shannon was there too).
Valentine's day...ok, so this was a while ago, but these turned out so cute. Jake and I melted different colors in heart shaped moulds and then we put a tag on them saying 'you color my world' and the boys gave them as their valentine favors. Another stolen idea from a Family Fun magazine.

Last day of school. All the B-track 1st graders took a walk around the neighborhood and a neighbor and I put together a water balloon game and some snacks (they stopped at other houses on the way, we were the last)

Here's Martha's youngest, he just got the water balloon into the "pitching zone" of our baseball player guy.


Martha said...

Very fun t-shirts. And when did you find time to whip those out? You closet Martha Stewart! :)

Colleen O said...

I love that picture of Miles, Chariots of Fire!

Dodi said...

Very fun shirts! I'm impressed that you took it to and entirely new level!

You are sort of a craft goddess, non?

Alexandra said...

They were indeed fabulous T shirts and we all laughed a lot about them. Thank you so much for making such an effort and indeed for organising the birthday party too. What a great day that was.

Ing xx